Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Loving You

Hi everyone, compliment of the season to you all. Oops it's officially 16 days left for 2015 to be in our past.

So I thought I should urge someone to keep loving yourself even if you feel you haven't achieved all you plan to achieve in 2015.
In spite of the betrayal you experienced. Love yourself only then can you be able to forgive and love again.
Loving yourself is a very necessary step to take if you truly want to find happiness, joy and inner peace..

You are the best person to love you. No other person can do that for you. Don't let what people say or think about you determine you. Don't allow others people opinion determine how you live your life.

Some people tend to take compliment way too serious for pete sake those are just people's opinion about you.
I never let others compliment about me determine my mood [I have grown past that stage] since 1930 lolz.

Have you ever wondered why it is called compliment? That is because it's secondary to your own opinion.
What i do if i get negative compliment, (trust me I get a lot even as mails) I just shake it off and stepped on it 

Don't be depressed because they think you are not fine. That is their opinion. Don't you know you are created in God's image?  [Ish 43] should give you a clue.
If you were tagged a failure, rejects it because that is not who you are. Don't believe their report for a second because God has created you with an excellent mind.

They say you don't have what it takes to make it in life, they say your blog, dream, career, job, or academics will not see the light of day? Look at them and laugh let them know that,
"God's strength is made perfect in our weakness "[2cor 12:9]

Oftentimes we wait for people to appreciate us. No no no you don't need that, appreciate yourself. Look at yourself in the mirror, put on a big smile and tell yourself, girl you are beautiful, dude you can make it.
Most times while taking a shower, i make it a time of confession i scream sometimes and confessed "i am born to be great. I'm the apple of God's eyes and much more."

Once you love yourself, you can love anybody and there won't be any problem with loving God.
Have i made any sense?
Have a fab day

Oh i am yellow 1957134066419279, 
I think prefer to be lemon green cos am glowing already  373341318296647 
ooops I just saw a Christmas colour 
9988429744003092 am gonna look for
my colours in the comment section. Loooool


  1. Ahh...Glo, did you just say since 1930? Let me join you to lol. Anyway, thanks for the inspirational piece this Tuesday morning. I know of a truth that God's strength is made perfect in my weakness, so I'm not gonna let anybody born of a woman talk me down - NEVER

    Have a fabulous day too sweetie

    1. @ Alabekee.... hahahaha... what happen dear, is it that you couldn't decode or you didn't want to load the card?

      okay please join me and sing this song:
      some have food they can not eat
      some can eat but have no food
      we have food and we can eat
      Glory be to God Amen

      verse 2
      some have things they cannot share
      some can share but have nothing
      'Glory' have things and 'she' can share
      Glory be to God Amen

      @Glory, thanks for the Card, A woman that has just 'put to birth' loaded the Airtel, she says 'thanks' and I declare by this time next year 2016 to be precise, you will 'put to birth' a bouncing baby boy!

      from this moment, all those owing you, will locate you and pay their debt!

      it is written: As truly as I live, saith the Lord, as ye have spoken in mine ears, so will I do to you. Number 14:28.
      Father magnify thy word. i saled this prayer with the Blood of Jesus. for I pray with thanksgiving in Jesus' name, Amen!

      stay blessed!

    2. Amen dear God bless you Mightily.

  2. Are those recharge cards? Let me not miss the blessing this morning? Got your message. Birthday has passed o, I post on Fridays for now.

    1. O I didn't know. It all good it's about content not number of posts.

  3. nice one.. congrats to the shoki loaders....

  4. Wow you look take away.

    Are those recharge for us?

  5. Wow you look take away.

    Are those recharge for us?

  6. Am crying ooo, so I missed this.
    Well done Glo that's a wonderful one.

    miimi's diary  

  7. choi! naso i miss richard card.crying*

  8. Great message you shared here... it reminds me of that saying that we should love our neighbours just as we love ourselves. The emphasis being on loving ourselves.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Egwumba’s Blog

  9. I loove this post and everything in it. (*staring at the picture*). This babe is fineee. The message is deeep.

    Learning how to love oneself is a key ingredient for happiness. Self love is at the very core of positivity, inspiration, joy, self-empowerment, and our ability to enjoy the kind of life we want. Every relationship you ever have with someone else exactly mirrors one or more aspects of the relationship you have with yourself. Truee!

    Related post here - Self-love Is No Sin

  10. All I see is Gloria and her beautiful smile.

    I love me too like I have a choice lolz

    Ehehehehehe I love the method of the Richard card but it seems spirits loaded it since there was no acknowledgement!!!!

    Have a great day ahead sweetie

  11. oh! i missed the recharge cards. Compliments dear

  12. Thanks to you and the message is so are wonderful. Though I missed the card but I don't miss the message. I can pass the message across to others but I don't think I can share the card with anyone, not even with you Supposed i got it.

  13. @"Once you love yourself, you can love anybody and there won't be any problem with loving God"

    The above extract is Everything Nne.. Well Said. Truth is.. No boRRy's comment should matter to you as much as Yours does. I mean think about it.. people will always talk.. but its up to us to listen or basically ignore. I fear that Life is not Rocket Science, Its common sense.. and although its a tad hard to navigate through most times.. Trusting in GOD and doing the right makes it all So. easier.. Cheers to a ghen ghen Christmas ahead Gloria toh Smart... InspiraSHIonal s[peaker toh Sure. and thanks for sharing.. Plus hey!! I looovvveee how the Airtime are like Brain Teasers.. You go guurrll.. and the crowd goes. Oshey Fine geh someboRRy.. Ya Mouthed :)

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