Tuesday, 8 December 2015

It's Official Shiloh 2015 Starts Today

Yes the time the entire Winners family have been waiting for is finally here. Shiloh 2015 tagged from glory to glory kicks off today..

So many of us are familiar with Shiloh but for the few who don't know what Shiloh is all about, just sit back and give me the next 2 minutes of your time.

Shiloh gathering of the winners family and beyond, is an instruction from God given to God's servant Bishop David Oyedepo many years ago.
Shiloh gathering is not restricted to the winners family alone, but It is for all who believe in the name of the Lord, for those who have an expectation.
It is a time of close fellowship with God. A period of intercession, a period of encounter.

The God of Shiloh has indeed done great things and i can testify that indeed HE is the God of intervention.
Why not locate the nearest viewing center to you and be a partaker of these blessings that will take you from one level of glory to another in the year 2016.
This is one meeting you will never regret.
God bless you as you attend.


  1. aw...cnt mk it for shiloh, living lagos bck for anambra tomorrow and have to prepare for the trip today...

  2. Shiloh 2015....from glory to glory. I always join winners on the last day of Shiloh, will do same this year.

  3. Great time in God's presence. It's also RCCG's Congress. Interesting season.

  4. It's a season of meeting with God one-on-one for transformation and transfiguration. I pray that the blessings attached to this season will not elude any of us.

  5. RCCG congress is this week. To those who will attend remember us in your prayers

  6. Remember us in your prayers

  7. I need prayers from angles. Take care Gloria.

  8. Wooow we pray that the shall finish the program successful in Jesus name Amen

  9. Those that are participating, pls remember us in prayers.


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