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A post written by one of the good people i have met via my blog. Paul Okah is a writer no doubt and i can't thank him enough for the support he has given me thus far.
I had to make the post in parts so as not to bore my readers because trust me this guy can write for Africa without dropping his pen. Lol

See what he wrote about the social media bill if passed

I was inactive on the social media i.e facebook,twitter,whatsapp,etc, for exactly four weeks.
Therefore,you can understand my surprise when I was trying to get abreast of events in the country and was shockingly informed by my fellow writers that a bill targetted at stifling the opinions of literate Nigerians is currently being considered on the floor of the senate.

My immediate reaction was to regard it as one of those jokes manufactured by my fellow Nigerians to serve as comic relief in this period of economic hardship.
However,I have been convinced that our legislatures really mean business and I have to join many Nigerians in crying 'wolf' to this ill-advised move by senators. Many of the senators claim that the bill is timely because many Nigerians are using the social media to give false reports on politicians...thereby distracting them from their determination to serve Nigerians. Glib babbles!

As ridiculous as this may sound, I can't even fathom what was on the mind of the senator who proposed such a bill to other senators for consideration. Was he high on something (many senators smoke marijuana,sniff cocaines and other intoxicating substance,but don't ask me why,lol)? Or is it another form of display of the ineptitude of our lawmakers, who make only laws the type of laws that does not benefit the average Nigerian? Or is it that they want to be brazen about not doing anything at the national assembly, except to waste away time on trivialities, while being paid for nothing at all? I mean, just how can a man wake up one morning and decide that Nigerians should shut up and stop criticizing bad and ineffective politicians,or even pretend not to be aware of other problems bedevilling Nigeria as a nation?
Even though that the Senate President, Bukola Saraki,claims that there is no such bill in the Senate,the man who is claimed to have initiated such a bill is defending it...with the support of other senators. The questions I want to ask Bukola Saraki and other senators are: What is Bukola Saraki and other senators taking Nigerians for? Are they trying to take us for a ride,or to make us look like fools in this 21st century? If other senators are pleading for the anti-social media bill to be passed into law and Saraki is claiming to be ignorant of such a bill, who is fooling who?


Although there is no way a democratic nation like Nigeria can court the outcries and sanctions of pro-democracy agencies of the world by stifling one of the characteristics of democracy, which is freedom of speech,let's take into account the role played by social media like facebook,twitter,whatsapp,etc, in checking the excesses of corrupt politicians.


It is a common knowledge that many politicians are corrupt and being exposed by bloggers and other social media users for their corrupt activities. In fact, this is the ulterior motive of the senator and his supporters who are agitating for the bill to be passed into law. 
They is hardly anything that goes on in the country that does not make it to the social media. Twitter is very popularly for the use of hash-tags to trend news on many things happening in the country that should be either encouraged or discouraged. For instance, former president, Goodluck Jonathan, was constantly being abused online for his ineptitude,especially in the fight against Boko Haram and the freeing of the kidnapped Chibok girls from their captives. In fact,it got to a point that Jonathan was regarded as the most criticized president in the world. Every of his policy was reviewed on the social media as either good or bad by Nigerians. Presently,president Buhari is being seen by many Nigerians as being incapable of handling the problems of Nigeria,especially as he spends much time outside Nigeria than in Nigeria. In fact,social media users have created memes that reveals him as being helpless in handling the affairs of Nigeria. 

In terms of fighting corruption,Nigerians believe that Buhari is not the Messiah we thought he was,especially as he appears to be working with many corrupt politicians as ministers and focusing more on witch-hunting his political opponents rather than try to solve the problems of Nigerians.These constant checks on Buhari's government by Nigerians,using the social media,has led to international awareness of the problems faced at home by Nigerians.
If the bill is even considered,like I hear it is,then it would negate the anti-corruption propaganda of Buhari,who rode into government,on the back of the social media...... (to be cont'd)


  1. I dont think they will go ahead with the bill...infact they better not

  2. of cause, they are scared of their fraudulent activities being exposed

  3. Like d artwork online dat d apc used it to gt into power n nw wnt to break dat bridge......'Yet am glad pmb isn't in support of it'..... His body language gives me confidnce on wat to xpct.... God bless Naija/ God bless d social-media..

    Greetings from.... leXHansplaCE

  4. We don't need to be over reactive on media bill has experienced a natural death. So let chil.

    The only point to note is that, as a writer, a blogger or social media user...kindly be guided on how you used them. There is already existing laws to check those things in case you pass unconfirmed allegations.

    Thanks for the post.

  5. Thanks for this information.

    Hello Minister Gloria, just checking on you!

  6. Let's be calm and patient over the matter.

  7. So they are scared of being exposed,
    Anyway let's chill and see the outcome.

    miimi's diary  

  8. Let them go ahead and do what pleases the, it's their own plate of Amala.

  9. They don't want their yansh opened unfortunately the President is not in support of their crazy proposed bill.


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