Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Who Are Your Role Models? /Identify Your Role Models.

Role models are the people whose achievements, character and personalities you admire and you are inspired. I.E they are worth being emulated.

Your role models are not necessarily people you have met.  It could be that, you read about them in the papers, you have heard about them on radio or you have seen them on television. You may also have read about them in books. Or you have been told about them by other people.
They may also be people you have contact with. The means of knowing them does not matter. What matters is the fact that you have known about them and you like them and you derive some form of inspiration from them.
Your role models could be men or women ; young or old. Their race, tribe, religion, political or ideological affiliation does not matter. 
All that matters is you are impressed with their character, personalities and achievements.


*They serve as a guide.
People who have achieved similar results as the ones you are going after, struggled with the same problems as you do in their past, may give you hint on how they scaled through.

*They motivates you.
Someone whose life story is so fascinating, that it simply uplifts you and motivates you tremendously, may motivates you to it going.

*They inspire you.
Sometimes many of us have trouble staying motivated or inspired, so a person who by his own actions inspires you in a specific way, will make you want to forge ahead.

*They discipline you.
If you are lacking discipline you can look for role models that have plenty of it, and teach others how to mimic their discipline and dedication.

*They help you stay focus.
Staying focus is a vital ingredient in the ministry of success, a role model that have achieved success by staying focus, is a good one to look up to if you have problems staying focused..

You can add others.......


  1. When nobody believed in them, they believe in themselves and become great achievers.

  2. Yeah right. Ifni remember any, will add

  3. Lovely post...m my role model oo... All i do is get inspired by othwrs to be better

    Glowyshoe blog

  4. I love this very spirit in you Glo dear,,,,,more Grace to revealed deeper things than this.

    My son, attend unto my wisdom, and bow thine ear to my understanding:
    That thou mayest regard discretion, and that thy lips may keep knowledge.____Proverbs 5:1:2

    Am expecting more from you tomorrow by His Grace, please don't let me down.
    Till then..... dear have a blessed night!

  5. Key note: character, personality and achievements are the things to look out for.

    True that. Thanks for sharing, sweetie.

  6. Hmmm I so have them a lot. Everything I do in life, there is a role model for it. I have a writer's role model, I have a blogger role model and I have a role model in accounting.

  7. do i have a role Model?

  8. Hiya Bubba.. So first off eh! i must say that this was a worthy read.. That being said yeah.. I always say to myself that i grew up at the perfect time (or should i kukuma say aYam growing up at the perfect time?! Wo! All Join biko.. Wetrehr Jonah Swallow the fish or the fish swallow Jonah.. as long as there is Swallow.. We are safe :)).. Ehen As i was saying.. I grew up at the right era cause now we have more than enough opportunity to literally "MOVE IN" and "LIVE" with our Role models.. all thanks to Social media.. I mean I for one am inspired by Chude Jideonwo and Adebola Williams living their lives daily. Life is teaching this 24 years 14 days old boy that what matters most in life.. is that we do not stop learning and we do not stop teaching.. Cause whether we agree or NO oh!.. We are in someway.. (No matter how insignificant).. Role models to another.

    Thanks for sharing Nne.. This was an inspiring read..

    P.S: You write like the legendary www.janylbenylshares,.com oh! have i told you before?! :) Such wisdom.. Such depth.. Such poise.

    1. Your writeups always have a way of making me smile. Thanks for being such a person. Am so gonna check janylbenyl right now.

  9. Kudos on this Glo

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  11. This is a beautiful write up. I like it.
    Do I really have a role model?
    Make I think and come back later to answer


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