Thursday, 26 November 2015

What To Do When He Keeps Hitting You.

In line with the campaign on violence against women, I want to do this quick post based on a conversation i also recently had with a fan who complained bitterly about how his boyfriend will not stop hitting her at the slightest provocation.

I got talking with her but her response is "but i still love him". 
Now this is where i am not comfortable with. Lovelies, only the living can love and express same. I don't know how you could keep loving a man who got no respect for your feelings, a man who cannot get hold of his temper and see a woman as actually the bone of his bone. Sweetie don't offer yourself to such a person and allow your beautiful self to be used as a sacrificial lamb. You are worth more than that.
Can people change? Yes!! But the truth is real men respect their women.
If he keeps hitting you in courtship please don't expect him to change in marriage.
Don't stay in an abusive relationship but rather flee as fast as your legs could carry you..
I am focusing more on relationships because that's where it starts from and some ladies assumed or are fooled with the notion that "he will change after marriage".
My dear, in most cases it gets worse after marriage so please get out now that you still can.
You all have a blessed day.
#ihopeimadecommonsense?, #ismellchristmas..


  1. I don't smell any Christmas yet oh.
    Now back to this, I've failed to abuse why women stay but Africa has made women objects and being a woman has become synonymous with being docile, hence most of us think about what society will think if we walk away.
    Ivd not been abused before but from a close friend, the abusers first damage your psyche such that if you're not strong, you won't be able to see through the smoke scree and walk away.

    1. Amaka you must smell Christmas with me by fire by force lolz.
      Thanks for your contribution I guess situations like that is the essence for the various publicity..

    2. i don't smell christmas too o... all dese abusive women matter self.. some of them no da hear word o

  2. Well said Gloria.....and please dear "common sense are not common at all".....more Grace love!
    *am so proud of you!!!*


    1. I sent you a mail ma please check and acknowledge.

    2. please Gloria.. check your mail. I await your reply please.
      thanks for your understanding.

    3. Thanks Gloria. indeed you have a matured mind please check you mail.


  4. On point. If he keeps hitting you, run!! cos if he kills you, he's gon marry someone else.

  5. I smell Xmas with you dear, can't wait! Women should learn to run for their lives when they still have the opportunity to do so because any man that lays his hands on you is not worthy of your love. Make hay while the sun shines

  6. I smell xmas too.
    Say NO to domestic violence.
    Run wen u still can.

  7. Smelling Xmas by now is dangerous and a sign of laziness....for God sake! Its almost a month to now.

    Ladies who are exposed to this should just be wise...wise up and move fast.

  8. Exactly what I keep telling Ladies. Some will say but I love him. First ladies should learn how to love themselves perfectly. A lady who love herself can never love a man who abuse and degrade her.

  9. She will keep loving when she gets to the grave, yeye. If not by force to have a boyfriend or hubby. Run like Usain bolt when a man hits you.

  10. Wow! That's crazy! When a man hits me the first time, we're done! Like forever! I don't advocate laying hands on women for any reason whatsoever. SAY NO TO WOMAN VIOLENCE.

    P.S. Glo be sharing the "smell" of Christmas. Hahaha . . . It's alright. December is almost here.

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  14. nice post it really inspire me alot...

  15. I dont encourage violence against women...even if its the forst hitting and promises bot to do it again, pls run with all your strength

    Glowyshoe blog

  16. You know where the problem lies? They always think he will change

    God forbid I come across that kind of shameless man that would hit a woman


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  18. Really i do not understand some girls, he's hitting you... you keep crying everyday and then the next day you go back to him... and the cycle continues and then the excuse 'But i Love Him'. You need deliverance!!! And hey, if you're a guy and you hit a girl, you're simply a beast.


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