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Guest Post: A Brief Guide To Skin Exfoliation And Rejuvenation..

Hey lovelies,
I trust you are all doing well.
It's another guest post tuesday and guess what?? The post is coming from no other but my blog son. (yayyyy i have a son, my blog baby is badder than yours #winksateveryone)

So lemme just use this opportunity to introduce you all to this dope son of mine called Chris Konor he is cool headed and a very dedicated young man.. In him i see great potentials for real he is good at what he does. please help me show him some love by visiting his blog. He blogs at the baddest skin therapist i have ever seen.. You want your skin to glow? Just consult him for tips.
See his post on skin exfoliation and rejuvenation below..

Hello People.....Its really my pleasure writing for my Momma's Blog.
Nahhh...i dont really think am a guest...Am family, Momma abi??? LOL..

Okay Ladies & Gentlemen  lets get to the point here.
Nobody wanna ever look ugly right? everybody wanna look appealing to the eyes because the way you look is always the first impression and the overall ingredient is a beautiful skin.
The sun here is the major challenge that we face. it gets our skin retarded, dry & ugly which you ain't gonna notice though.

My dearies, the surface of your skin as at now is a dead one, trust me. your skin has already generated a fresh one. So its now your duty to get rid of the dead skin & expose the fresh skin.
This can be done by the process of EXFOLIATION & sometimes REJUVENATION
I will be giving detailed explanations & tutorials on how i exfoliate & rejuvenate my skin.


According to Wikipedia, Exfoliation involves the removal of the oldest dead skin cells on the skin's outermost surface.
Exfoliation is involved in the process of all facials , during microdermabrasion or chemical peels at medical spas. Exfoliation can be achieved through mechanical or chemical means.
We can exfoliate our skin MECHANICALLY using skin sponges or scrubbers when bathing. i recommend this method though its what i do every day. This will help remove dead skin cells & also prepare your skin for cosmetic application (if any).

Mechanical Guide:
* Buy a Good sponge or scrubber for your skin.
* Scrub skin vigorously at all parts.
* Avoid Scrubbing too much, it may lead to injuries.
* Use Good Soaps, preferably complexion care soaps ( i recommend Eva Complexion care soap & Nivea Soaps)
* Take a shower atleast twice daily
* Drink plenty of water preferably 7-9 cups daily.

Skin Exfoliation is done CHEMICALLY using chemicals. well i cant say this method is bad shaaa...
Chemical exfoliants include scrubs containing salicylic acid , glycolic acid , fruit enzymes, citric acid , or malic acid which may be applied in high concentrations by a medical professional, or in lower concentrations in over-the-counter products.

Chemical Guide:
* Buy original scrubs from reliable sources.
* Use scrubs as prescribed
* Use Exfoliating Soaps as An Alternative To Scrubs, i recommend Q7 Exfoliating Purifying Soap & Idole Lightening Exfoliating Soap (for skin lightening only)
* Stay away from excessive Sun light.
* Take your bath at least twice daily
* Drink lots of water.

To me, Rejuvenation simply means turning your skin to that of a baby...or just looking younger.
This is mainly done chemically & surgically though , buhh i recommend the chemical methods. i know nothing about the surgical method so I'm only gonna talk about the chemical method here.

Chemically, the only way I've rejuvenated my skin is using a product called 2 MINUTES MIRACLE Gel. Indeed its really a miracle gel. All you have to do is apply it on your skin, wait for 2 minutes and rub your skin with your  hands in a circular motion. Mehhn...the first time i did this i was surprised you will be seeing your dead skin coming out as if its magic after which you rinse or take your bath with warm or not-too-hot water.

Well, i really dunno if this gel is available in Nigeria yet as ive searched for it online and couldnt find it. Try visiting a reputable cosmetic shop or market in your location & ask for it. i will be reviewing it soon on my blog sha, so stay tuned.

Uhhhmmmm....What else na? i guess am through with my little message at last.
Abegg not perfect, you can also share your own view..

Before i forget...My name is chris konor, a therapist, Fashion & beauty blogger at
Have skin problems? need solutions or answers? feel free to mail me at CHRISKONOR@HOTMAIL.COM
HAVE A NICE DAY.....#Bless

Thanks for reading to the end..
#youguyrock, #thereisnomewithoutyou, #iloveyouall, #ismellchristmas..


  1. Great info. Thanks Chris. Keep spreading your wisdom. You will get there.

    Sweet Glo, you smell Christmas already? Hmmmm . . . I'm suspecting you. lol.

    1. Nwamaka Thanks...we gho get there oo my sister

  2. Ok, will take note of the few ones I can and by the way, I enjoyed my steam bath@my weekend spa... *tongue out to efribody*

  3. this info is really helpful...nice one gloglo for bringing him down here... as for you chinco bee enjoy jaree

    Glowyshoes's blog

    My Facebook

    1. Thank you Glowy shoe, My momma iz a really sweet person yu knw....

      Nice blog uve got there...

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    this is to inform you that you should kindly prepare the Answers to the "on-going quiz competition at since you are not participating as the Blog Assistant Pastor.

    of course there will be prize for the winner. thank you.
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    don't keep us waiting please.
    please notify me as soon as you read this. you know how.

  5. This is very nice. Tnx for the tips.

    1. Jummy Jenmi thanks for reading, I Appreciate

  6. thanks for the share it was handy

  7. Well done Chris, and thanks for the useful info
    Glo, I smell Xmas with you....enough jollification ahead!

    1. Thanks for the contribution Alabekee, God bless

  8. Thanks for this tips. Its good to look good. But mostly this is for the ladies. They value looking good than anything.

    1. Bro ure right sha...buhh i cant go out if my mirror doesnt approve et oo...LOL!

  9. Lol @ Uthman. Yuh make me laugh in english style.
    Nice tips shared here @OP.

  10. Im really sorry this is coming late! ive been busy all day.

    Thank you all for the comments & Contributions.

    And to ma mommaa....yu knw ah lawwv yu scatter! Thank youu...

    God bless you all exceedingly

  11. chemicals< i prefer natural stuff on my body esp my face if i want to skin is so sensitive that ir reacts to anything.i react esp if i used something i have never used before

  12. I am learning. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Good one...I will try out the products mentioned.


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