Tuesday, 3 November 2015


I was relaxing at home one evening when a strange number called me on my MTN line.
''Mr Paul, how are you?'' the stranger said, using an accent that betrayed him as an Ibo.
''Fine o, my brother,'' I said carefully.
I am not someone to stand rejoicing because a stranger called to distract me from what I was doing before his/her call came through.
''How was your day?'' the stranger continued.
''We thank God,'' I replied hastily, adding in my Nigerian pidgin, ''abeg,na who be this?''
Mind you, I don't care if I am speaking with the president of Nigeria. When I am in the mood, I either speak my dialect or Nigerian pidgin. I don't claim to have a good command of the English language more than Michael West and all the Oxford dictionaries put together, or even being more English than the Queen of England. So after or the rigmarole and ''formings'' with the English language, I prefer to interact with people in my dialect or the Nigerian pidgin. ''If them no like am, make them go ask God why my mama born me for Afikpo and not England.'' Even in my articles, I prefer to interact with friends in my simple Nigerian English than in Standard British English, which many learned speakers fail to speak...
But back to my gist, the stranger replied to my question thus:

''This is Charles from Firstbank.''
Not knowing anyone as Charles among my circle of friends and business partners, my detective mind switched into gear. I am not an addict for reading James Hadley Chase novels for nothing.

''Will you be interested in doing business with us and making cool money?'' he continued in his gentle tone.
''What type of business,'' I was  already bored and did not care if he detected it in my voice.

''Well, it is supplying ATM machines to banks. I have someone who will be supplying the ATM machines to you and you will be supplying it to many banks and making good profit. However, my friend would need you to deposit some money...''
''I am not interested,'' I cut him short, hanging up on him immediately. Only a greedy person gets duped. Fraudsters exploit the greedy nature of many people and dupe them.
They dangle the bait of acquiring money before you and wait for you to take a bite... just as the trap snaps shut.
As a manager, mechanic, vulcanizer, trader, wheelbarrow/truck pusher,etc, what business do you have with supplying ATM to banks? Yet, a fraudster, using the special program that hacks into the database of many banks to obtain customers' data, would contact you with the proposal to pay in a particular amount of money into a certain account in order for him and his accomplices to supply you with one million naira worth of ATMs for distribution to banks. If you are greedy, you will start running around to raise the money, with the promise to pay back the lender after you must have ''harvested'' the money. Your desperation can trigger off suspicion in every discerning mind. And if you eventually raise the money, the fraudsters will disappear into thin air. I mean, what is the concern of an artisan with ATM supplies? Banks have established companies that supply them with what they need for their operations. So, keep your eyes open and watch your back to avoid being duped.
Before agreeing to a business proposal, study it critically and see if it's in any way related to your line of duty or the services rendered by your company. If the answer is no, then that is enough reason for you to suspect such a proposal and be wary. Even if it may appear genuine enough,you will do a lot worse than consulting an expert/specialist in the field for proper scrutiny and appraisal. Experts/specialists are known for their no-nonsense approach to business and will not consider any business that looks phoney.
Therefore, they are better placed to advice you on any undertaken that may involve your investing huge amount of money for dividends.
Countless times, I have been approached by MTN customers who claim that they received one text message or the other informing them that they have millions of naira from a promo. Mind you, they were neither recommended nor entered for the promo.
However, the greedy nature of human beings always made the people to start believing in the seemingly genuine nature of the text messages. Some even go to the extent of sending recharge cards to the fraudsters via the phone numbers attached to the phoney message and being duped...
Granted that some may claim that opportunities can come from anywhere, anything too glib/easy should trigger off suspicion in you.

Be careful!!!!!

I think this is a good one especially at this time of the year.


  1. So many fraudsters..thats how my friend was rejoice that someone she met on online was sending her some apple product,but she will have to pay for the shipmnt..i laughed so hard nd told her the guy is abt to scam you..everyone should beware

    Glowyshoe blog

  2. Some people dey send their own scam msg through sms or email, MAKE UNA MY PEOPLE JUST BE CAREFUL.
    Gloria, Shebi i try for the pidgin?

    1. Yes o you finish work. Lol.. Please add me on Bbm i tried sending you a message yesterday but it kept failing..

  3. One just needs to be wise. These people are everywhere. Be careful.

  4. This is a very good warning message that we all need at this time. Fraudsters are on prowl seeking for who to devour. A word is enough for the wise

  5. They are everywhere and also in our midst. So shine your eye.

  6. We all should shine our eyes well well. They are everywhere

  7. When will they stop this trend of scamming people?

  8. In-love with this blog

    1. Thanks and thanks for stopping by hope to see more of you..

  9. HAHA....This is just the beggining. Self reliance campaign by government without capital. I think these people has to be emgaged.

  10. So many tactics from these Lazy people( fraudsters), they want to make money without working hard for it, so they would drive big cars to their home town claiming to big boys. Issorait

    miimi's diary  

  11. Hi Gloria, I replied back on TuhamWorld.Com that am not yet on BBM. But i guess we should be able to chat via twitter?
    I'll follow you, follow back so i can send you a DM

  12. Me sef don sabi them. They use ajy means possible


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