Thursday, 12 November 2015

Dear Gloria My Heart Is Broken..

Good morning readers, please counsel this lady.
Good morning Trendy Living Blog fans. Please i need your advice. My heart is broken, it aches, it bleeds. I don't know what to do.

We met 7 yrs ago, we have had our ups
and downs and some how we still find our way back. Since the time we met he had always referred to me as his bride to be.

In 2013, he told me his mum would call to invite me over to their state because we live in different states. His mum really called me and invited me over for xmas. I
agreed to go. My parents are late so i live with my siblings and am the last child of the family. When i told my elder brother about the trip, he said i could go but since he didn't know my boyfriend he would like to meet him first. He(my boy frd) knew my elder sisters but not my brothers. That
was what went wrong. He got angry that i didn't come to see his mum. I pleaded with him to please understand but it
didn't go down well with him and his family. I grew angry with my family that they had ruined my relationship. I was
mad and furious. He didn't pick my calls any more and he refused to talk to me. We got back together after 7 months or so i had thought.

He still wanted me to come over for
xmas last year and i planned to go but didn't want my family to think i was bringing them down before him since
he still hadn't come to see my elder brothers who now acted as my father. I told him to meet me up in a town closer to
both of us so i could return back to abuja same day but he said that may not be possible because of the traffic that might be during the xmas period, n that he would be glad to camp me over at his place till the next day. That didn't work out.
March this year, i again tried to meet up with him in his state but he too wasn't around because he had travelled on
official assignment.
In may, i had gotten to the park to travel down to meet him but before i got there the last bus to his town had left. That was the closest i had come to be with him. In june he told me he would be having his introduction, I thought he was joking because we were still flowing well and he still wanted me around. He said he thought he was going to marry me but that i caused it. When i asked him y he still wanted me around he said it was because he prefers me. Am confused, how can he prefer me and want to marry another?

I think i got a clue last month when i called him to check on his health, he said he hadn't eaten that day and he asked me to help call his sister since he had no air time
on his phone, to call her so he could bring him food. I called her 3 times she didn't pick my call. That's when i knew his
family hadn't forgiven me. When i called him the next day to check on his health, he too didn't pick his call any more but
immediately sent a text message saying 'sorry i missed your call, please let me call you back later.' He never did till now.

He has fixed his wedding for december. Trendy Living Blog readers, am crushed, confused, and hurt. I can't help but feel guilty for what happened to our relationship.
Should i have bluffed my family and still go to see his mum? Right now i wish I
did. I thought i had found my soul mate, i used to feel his soul emotions, his mood even before he tells me. I feel it when
he's happy, sad, ill, or if he's close to danger.
I felt he wasn't happy before the last time we spoke, I asked him if he was and he said no. I asked what the matter was and he said it was stress of work, i know it wasn't and he wasn't telling.
Oh God! What do i do now. Am so hurt, so wounded. How do i start again? So many questions i wish i had answers to.
Readers pls help me out. My heart is
soooo heavy, my eyes are clouded with tears.

I hope the message was clear enough?  Was with this person few days ago and i tell you i have never seen a person so sincere, willing to make sacrifices for another. Even though none is perfect, I still believe the best give way for the better one to come.


  1. Hmmmm all these are not genuine excuses to leave this lady. The guy already has his marital plan excluding the lady from it.

    If you love a girl, no matter what, you will always want her. why don't he come and show up if he prefered her to another ladies. He just used that to please her, I think.

    Its just so difficult to get a responsible husband at this time. The few available ones are been thretened by thousand of simgle beautiful ladies.

    I would have advised you let him go, but you've spent a reasonable numbers of years in your life putting him in mind.

    What should you dooooo oooooooooO? Ok I got an idea

    Pray over it....he might not destined to be the best for you dear.

    Pele...lover girl.

    1. my dear o...u asked him to come seee ur brothers and he got angry and whereas he wants u to see his family... thats a clear indication that he has no regard for your family even though he has seen ur sisters.... seriously, why should the family be angry that you didn't come to see them..would they react that way if u were their daughter... and the boi saying u caused it???? mtschew,... sowi for the heart break and move on.... its ur fault ke.... people and entitlement mentality...

      favourmoyse blog

  2. you called everyone in his family but you never call Jesus? what happen? Did you call Jesus and he reject your call.

    you had so many signs to let that man go but you refused.
    he never loved you. i call that lust.
    after using you for number of years, and gotten what he lusted after, now he feels that you are worthless.

    just let him go, pray to God and ask him what He want you to learn from this lesson.

    wish him a happy marriage life, attend the wedding and buy him a present. life is too short to let one withered your joy.

    focus on the things of God and don't compromise your faith, and the next relationship that will begin please don't rush into sex, you can do that at you wedding night. don't worry the man will understand because he is your real husband. he will love and cherish you.

    eat well and love yourself, there is nothing to be confuse about. *smiles for Jesus loves you*

    for the God that drives away flies for the tailless cow liveth.
    your time for Dive Honour and Dignity has arrived!!!

    1. *your time for Divine Honour and Dignity has arrived!!!*

  3. Gloria you left a message yesterday about stepping down, if you ever try that again, then I will be so mad with you that you will ask yourself where you've gone wrong.

    I demand an apology now.

    1. Awwwwh just got here i am verrrrrry sorry ma I won't say that again.. Hope my apology is accepted?

    2. Gloria where are you????????????

      I pray for Divine Favour in all your endeavor in Jesus' name. Amen.

    3. checkng on you again dear!
      am not finding this funny.

  4. Jesus Pls FIX This

  5. From the look of things,you guys are not destined to be. Its so obvious cos if u were destined to be,everything wl just click between u guys without any hiccups

    Your own man is around d corner my dear...Just pray to God that u both locate each other speedily

  6. I carefully read through this piece and from my own point of view, the guy never loved you enough to be your husband. If he ever loved you as he claimed, he would have created time to come over and see your brothers even before asking you to come over to see his family. Forget him and move on...God has a better partner for you. It is well

  7. i agree with you alabekee

  8. i feel your pain! dont worry the man that wuill respect you and your family is aroound the was so rude of him not to oblige the calls of your brothers God has already revealed the kinda man you are head over heels for,he will be a man that look down on your family for whatever reason.stop blaming yourself dear,wipe your tears and move on.

  9. Hmmm . . . Sweetheart, FORGIVE YOURSELF. You have to stop beating yourself up. Overcome the guilt and move on.

    No matter how hard we try, we will never be able to live without mistakes. If we suffer ourselves and feel terrible when everytime we do, then life will be miserable and frustrating. Learn not to dwell on it for long. Release yourself from the bondage of your past. Forgive yourself and move on. Unlock Yourself

    You deserve better!

  10. Matters of the heart ehn...just move on girl.

  11. Somethings are not just worth it. The earlier you know the better

  12. How are you doing dear? I nominated you for Sisterhood of the World Bloggers award. Do check it out here

  13. Girl - move on!! U were dating yourself!! If he was that into you, he would have made an effort to meet your family especially your elder brother. Methinks he was just stringing you along.....

  14. Girl - move on!! U were dating yourself!! If he was that into you, he would have made an effort to meet your family especially your elder brother. Methinks he was just stringing you along.....

  15. [11/13, 10:23 AM] Poster : Thanks a lot dearie
    [11/13, 10:32 AM] Poster : Seen d comments on my story. Thanks again to u and others for their encouragement. U give me reasons to smile and move on after bn let down by d person i thought wouldn't.
    [11/13, 10:32 AM] Poster: I appreciate u.
    [11/13, 6:30 PM] trendy living blog: Oh dear just came online have been out of data
    [11/13, 6:30 PM] trendy living blog: You are welcome
    [11/13, 6:31 PM] trendy living blog: You read it all please love he isn't worth your love God has better plans for you.
    [11/13, 6:31 PM] trendy living blog: Love you
    [11/13, 6:31 PM] trendy living blog: You can call on me at any time
    [11/13, 6:58 PM] Poster: Amen

    1. Good evening Gloria!
      where are you??? please contact me.

    2. Goodmorning Gloria are you????
      we missed you yesterday, please come back.#sad#

      receive Grace in Jesus' name, Amen!

  16. My sister, it was not meant to be coz..if the dude disregard ur family by ignoring your brother n he expect u to come over to his parents house..blimme he will just be bossing u all thru ur marital life n possibly shut ur family out..God is ur strength a real guy will come just relax n keep praying

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  17. They have said it all. I wonder why he was angry your brother asked to see him.

  18. Babe move on. First of all, a guy dat wants to marry u will so disturb you until u introduce him to ur family. Even if you dont want to introduce him yet, he'll so disturb you dat u wont have a choice but to do his wish. So, chill ok, wen the right man comes, he'll do the needful. I believe that wats urs is urs no matter wat.

  19. He was clearly playing with your emotions. A man with a genuine interest to be with a woman usually does everything to ensure it happens. For the fact that he is already on his way to getting married to someone else means she was the one he doing the 'every' to marry not you. So move on and take it easy. The guy that will be willing to do everything to get you by his side will come - and hopefully, he will be your dream man.

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  20. Where art thou? Missing you here biko.

  21. It is better to get married to someone that loves you more than you do. Just move on, since he feels you're not worth it then you should not give him your time either.

  22. Im so sorry love..
    Love onto God, he has the answer


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