Thursday, 5 November 2015

Dear Gloria Does It Matter?

Hey!!!! its time for another dear Gloria mail.. Haven't published for sometime because didn't get any mail.
This came in on Monday.. Do not be
ashamed your identity is well protected send in your mails you never can tell where help will come from.
Dear Gloria.
I trust you are doing fine? I love your blog and how you go about it.. I am a regular visitor here too. Will just go straight to the point.
I am in a relationship[for 2 years] but my girl is older than me with 18 months. I love her and would want to marry her but the person i confided in said i shouldn't because of the age difference.
I want you to help me publish this mail so that i can get counsel from others because i am really confused..
My Opinion.
Thanks poster for trusting us with your very private and important issue. I would want to know if you have firstly prayed about this and if yes what conviction do you have?  Because if God has approved it, do not let men discourage you..
Personally, i don't think age should be a barrier to love i have seen many relationships where the woman is older and yet the relationship is thriving besides 1 year and 6 months isn't too much of a difference..
Let me step aside and hear from others..
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  1. If there is true love then Age shouldn't be the barrier. if you truly love her, listen to your heart and do what is right because if you make mistake now base on wrong advice and married another woman instead of the one you truly love. you will hate yourself and live in regret.

    pray and ask God if this woman is your life partner, and be patient for the answer from God.

  2. there are other important issues to like @ ... and age isn't even one of them abeg


  3. Age shouldn't be a barrier, if it's appointed by God and you really love each other Pls go ahead. The reason people discourage you is cause they feel the lady would be disrespectful cos she is older than you, I have been in a relationship like that I was older than the guy but you would never know except you being told, but the guy finally left cause he was discouraged by people around him.
    If She is truly yours then age is just a number, let God and love lead.

    miimi's diary  

  4. Dear Poster, there is no barrier in true love. There are so many marriages today in which the women are even much older than the men, yet they are living happily as long as it is the will of God. IF you love this person and you have the conviction that you're both meant for each other, what then is the problem with age? Don't mess up the love you both share because of age difference which isn't even that much.

  5. Age is nothing but a number. If you love her and sure that she's the one, just go for it. I've seen so many couples like that and are living happily. Do not mind wat people say.

  6. Hmm. Like Gloria said. Pray about it first.. God will show you if truely she is your wife

  7. one year and some month is not a big deal,it depends on you.No one can decide that for you dear.

    good luck

  8. I agree with one can decide for you except yourself..if there is love and fear of God,notn else matters

    Glowyshoe blog

  9. Age should stop being a barrier. Sofar you love yourselves, carry go

  10. *Coughing* age na just number...

    Happy new year Gloria, Bmf don divorce me oooo....


  11. In this day and age, people still dey look at number. I taya. Age is just a number o... abeg

  12. It matters to me though... your choice at the end.

  13. Age is nothing but a number! My advice Follow your heart!!!

  14. The will of God supersedes all other things. Have you consulted the Pillar of marriage. You need it.


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