Sunday, 18 October 2015

From Me To You......

Hey lovelies,

How is the last quarter of the year treating you? Lovelies never always give up because it's not over until you say so.. Only you have the power to press the play button after a pause..

Many believe that it's only when you go into coma, or faces a near death experience that is the "Valley of the shadow of death" psalm 23 was referring to. Hmmmmm how wrong.
Have you ever wondered why the Bible in Isaiah says when thou passeth through the waters I will be with thee.......(Ish 43:2)?
It's because even God knows that sometimes there are some heartbreaks you will experience, some betrayals you will go through, some low moments you will experience in life and that, lovelies, is the valley of the shadow of death or the fire and water God was referring to.. 
But the good news is that there is also an assurance that "He will make a way even in the wilderness........ (Ish 43:19).
So cheer up, smile up and know that God is always too faithful to fail..
Please once again say a prayer or two for me today..
I love you all like kilode.....


  1. Amen to you prayers

    I pray the good Lord will meet you at every point of your needs and answer of your prayer requests

  2. Amen... Amen...Amen..
    sweety may God meet you at the point of your needs in Jesus Name.
    Glowyshoes's blog

  3. I say a big amen to your prayers
    May God grant u all that your heart desires the most and perfect all that concerns u.

  4. Oh's not over until you consent. May God perfect everything that concerneth you IJN - AMEN

  5. A louder Amen! Have a wonderful week ahead too.

  6. Thank you Gloria, I needed this and I will most remember you in my prayers, it is well.

  7. It is well Gloria.
    God will perfect the healing.
    Stay strong

  8. It is well, sweet Glo.
    May your needs me supplied and your desires be granted.
    Keep holding on.

  9. Amen... Sweet Glo, I hope you're better and you feel good. Moby is back...and she missed you big..hehe.. mwaaahhh

  10. It is well... I would pray for you

  11. All is well with you...stay cool and strong. Thanks for the short admonition.


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