Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Does It Matter How He Proposed??

Hello everyone,

Hope you guys are doing great? It still baffles me how fast this year has been. I guess am the only that noticed so lemme keep quiet. #lipsealed

I laughed when i saw the above post on facebook. Some people are born comedians shuooo but seriously did the person made any sense?
Personally i think we are just an unnecessary hype over proposals.

Just for the record not all marriages begin with the question "will you marry me"?.. lolz...
Back to the matter on ground does it really matter how he proposed? What if your man is not the romantic type?, what if he is but not financial buoyant?.
I am not saying that a man shouldn't proposed if he really loves his woman and wants to marry her (MH proposed to me) but come-on stop the unnecessary attention it's the marital life that is paramount.
I said it here one time how somebody was making a big deal out of an engagement ring. Am yet to see any relationship/marriage that succeeded based on the finess or quality of the ring.
People pretend, girls mostly are like he proposed on top of Mount Kilimanjaro, he proposed on a boat cruise hehehe.
Babes don't be fooled, guys don't be intimidated don't go out of your way just do what you can do..

So my question is how do you want to be proposed to? Guys how would you want to propose to your future wife?
Oyah let's gist.


  1. Honestly glo am indifferent...cos it wont guarantee a good marriage..

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  2. The whole benefits of marriage is seems to had been tied down to marriage proposal techniques and pre wedding pictures. That's why most people see it as a must, for them to feel been fulfilled. So if you are not doing that for some ladies, you are not romantic. Forgetting the main purpose of which the marriage is constituted.

    As for me, I won't waste a single minute of my time trying to please my girl with how i propose. Thank God she knows me.

    More to marriage than all these distractions. Gloria! How are you doing?

  3. You're not the only one that noticed Glo, the year is really really fast. OK back to the matter on ground, hubby actually proposed and the truth is that I wasn't even expecting it the day it happened. The way he proposed didn't really matter to me, but the marital bliss afterwards.

    Thanks for sharing

  4. Lol @ the screen grab
    I guess it doesn't really matter afterall :D

  5. That picture was so funny. I would have tell you how to propose to my lady but although i do not know my lady yet and she does not neither;) but WHO KNOWS she might be reading your blog and with that, it won't come as a surprise again when i

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  6. it doesnt matter my dear

  7. All these our ladies here saying it doesn't matter would start to quarrel their bobo now that he is not ROMANTIC... deris God o!

  8. it matters oo,you know i am very hubby proposed on my birthday eehn with too muhch was worth it,i concluded my husband is a romantic man,omo na bobo he is not romantic,so all thjose instagram thing na format jawe\\\

  9. Make I just laugh waka....u know why nau...


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