Friday, 2 October 2015

Different Faces Of Motivation....

Different faces of motivation... Lol
Have you ever seen someone attempting to drive a car in which there is no fuel? Have you ever seen a mother trying to cook her meal with a stove in which there is no gas? Or a farmer trying to grow crops in his farm without seed in his hands?.
So is everyone who attempts goals without motivation within his heart or mind.

Many people today, are simply observing life because they lack the motivation for living. Some others are busy talking about the achievement of their friends and colleagues but have nothing to show themselves because they lack motivation.
Some have buried their skills and opportunities because they lack motivation.
Countless number of people are surrounded by opportunities but they sit back wasting away by the day all because they lack motivation within.
May I remind you again that if wishes were horses beggars would ride, they say?

Motivation is a propelling force. It compares achievers to attaining their aspirations and goals.
Never say "What can I do?"  instead say "I can do something"  because the law of life says : if you don't try it, you won't do it.
Go ahead with that beautiful plan of yours, try out that new venture you have been dreaming of, quit that abusive relationship that is obviously leading no where do not be afraid because i am here to motivate you...

Are you wondering what's with the pictures?
Hehehe I told you yesterday that it's all about me now....
Happy birthday to me in advance hehehe..
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  1. Go girl . . . Do shakara! It's your time to shine. You are beautiful in and out. Love your person.

    As regards to the post, sometimes your best motivator YOU. You gotta motivate yourself everyday whether you feel like it or not. I lobe this quote by Zig Ziglar;
    "People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing-that's why we recommend it daily."

    Once again, sweetie, Happy birthday in advance!

    1. Thanks love you are a darling...

  2. Glo glo you smile is beautiful... I agree with amaka that the best motivator most times is ourselves

    Glowyshoe blog

  3. Whhoop! Whooop! Happy Birthday in Advance eh! Bubba.. You should throw a Bloggers paRRy you know.. Live long and Prosper eh Dear Gloria!

    You know like you said above.. Life is about finding your passion and constantly fueling that passion... Like we believe at #BLUEAfrica.. The world is moving at too fast a pace to wait for success or greatness to come to you.. The time for us is now Nne.. to go to what we want.. And keep at it with all the motivation and passion we can muster..

    Weldone Bubba.. Thsi was such a fun read.. Happy Birthday in advance eh Nne.. We at Young and Confused Africa loF you plenRRy plenRRy.. :)

  4. Happy birthday In advance glo, you are beautiful. If you can't motivate yourself then you can't be motivated by someone else. Nice post!!!
    Am waiting for tomorrow ooo!!

    1. Yes make sure you put on your dancing shoes and come to party with me..

  5. can't wait for tomorrow......*smiles*

    1. Beautiful mama...happy birthday in advance
      Nma's Blog 

  6. I quite agree with you Glo, you are the first person to motivate your own self. Happy birthday in advance

  7. Team chubby cheeks. We all need to find what motivates us.

    Birthday tomorrow we gonna party hard.

    Bloggers Forum is up.

  8. Happy belated birthday once again darlingggggg


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