Thursday, 15 October 2015

Dear Gloria She Steals From Me!!!!

Dear Gloria,

How are you doing? It's been a fulfilling and very inspiring journey since i found your blog.. I would want to encourage you to keep doing what you are doing..

My problem that has been a burden to me is about a girl i am in love with.
We started dating properly February this year. The issue is that i noticed my girl steals. I have tried her on three occasions and she fell in all. I am too shy to bring it to her noticed i mean how can a girl be stealing from her man? I am confused don't even know what to do. I am scared that if i tell her she might get mad at me or leave me..

Confused lover!

So i got the mail above from a blog visitor. I have been hearing stories that some girls and even when steals from their partner. I still do not understand why they can be so comfortable stealing let alone from their partner.
The guys above needs our counsel so guys let's roll.


  1. yep talk to her.. if she doesnt change run away...

  2. Talk about it please and express your willingness to help out. When you talk about it, try not to be it because you want her to know that you are aware of the stealing habit. Do it out of concern for her. She should know that her reputation is also a priority for one wants his partner to be known as thief.

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  3. Try and let her know your latest discovery about her character which doesn't speak well of her. Make her see reasons why she must stop stealing ASAP. Goodluck to you

  4. Any woman who steals from her man 'married or dating' is evil n can aswell share her honeypot wit anyman dt cms through.... Brother, let her go, you'll find a woman who will manage ur resources wit u and not destroy dem for u.....

    But on d soft side, if u so luv her, den speak to her, find out why she steals and change her... Afterall it takes more dan 1 to make d greatest of success...

    (@glo, on d mata, YES u can).....u know what I mean...

  5. Stealing is a 'no no'. Be brave enough to call her out about this.

  6. She's still at it because she thinks you don't notice. Let her know,you know
    Nma's Blog 

  7. The key is communication. talk to her just like Nma said, then pray with her if you can't do that, go with her and meet your pastor, stealing is not a good spirit and must be cast out. she need deliverance, help her.

  8. It depends on the situation. It could be she believes whatever belongs to my man belong to me.
    Is it she steals or you are a stingy goat? Tell us about it.

    1. Yeye

      Abi you sef dey steal?

      @Poster you better face her and know wsp. Even though she feels it's your money, courtesy demands she tells you

  9. He should be bold to tell her of course but in a comfortable-approached manner. TRUE Love is based on mutual trust and understanding of each other.

    1. Oh you are very welcome here.. Love your comments please keep them coming..


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