Thursday, 8 October 2015

Dear Gloria My Genotype Is My Problem.

I got this mail since last week and have since gotten two more mails pleading that i published her mail..

Dear Gloria,

My name is B. I am 33 years old and my genotype is AS.. Ma please help me to publish this letter because i am confused as every suitor i have met are all same genotype with me.
Though i know the implications if i get married to an AS as well but right now i don't think i care..
I am currently dating a guy who i love so much and won't mind taking the risk with him because he is also AS but am yet to tell him mine. I made up my mind that if it doesn't work out between us, suicide may be an option.
Do you think i should hide my genotype from him or tell him and kill myself??.
Please i beg you in the name of God publish my letter in your Trendy blog.

So, dear trendy blog family what do you think of this?.


  1. Have you really sought God's face? If the man is the ONE, God knows just how to fix genotype problems.
    Nma's Blog 

  2. Pls don't do it dear poster...AS and AS can never be compatible. I believe those suitors that are coming your way are not meant for you,however,your own man(AA genotype)wld come your way. Don't settle for less pls

  3. Please don't try it so you don't blame yourself in future. Don't be selfish and risk the life of your child. I have also been thru a lot concerning AS partners cos am also AS. Just be a little more patient.

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  5. Dear Poster, may I please inform you that suicide is never an option in any situation. My candid advice for you is to wait on God for the right suitor whose genotype will match yours. If you go ahead and marry someone who has same genotype with you (AS), you may live to regret it. Wait on God because He knows you more than you know yourself. Remember, Patience is a virtue.

  6. this genotype ish can be vewi frustrating.... lost a reli wonderful relationship cos of it ..oh how l wept... leaving is worth the stress my dear.. i've lost two friends to sickle cell anaemia anoda is close and the crisis is outta dis word.. its a difficult situation i know... buh u mite go ahead to marry if u have oda options of childbirth like adoption and den again there are invasive and costly procedures too where the female eggs are harvested and the defective genes separated and fertilized with the man's sperm...


  7. Please don't. I will not advice it. Think about the health of your children when u give birth. Be patient for the right person with the right genotype.

  8. Do not do any dear. God will give u ur own partner without stress. A man Dat will be suitable for u. Just keep on praying and believing. God bless you dear.

  9. desperation, impatient, selfishness, lack of trust, evil thought, no love. that what have seen in you. am sorry if am sounding harsh.

    listen to this please:
    every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning. James 1:17.

    God knows what will be perfect for you, He knew even before you were form in your mother' womb.
    He knows your beginning and your end. please have you talk to Jesus about this? do you believe in Jesus. have you accepted Him as your personal Lord and Saviour?

    then why are you pretending to this man as if all is okay? believe you me, you do not love that man, if you do, you will tell him the truth and if he loves you, he will let you go.

    suicide is not a solution but one of the devil's tricks to lure you to hell.

    like Nma said, seek the face of God, position yourself well and don't comprise. for it is written "none shall want her mate."Isa 34:16.
    thank you and I pray god to help through this. Amen.

    Pst. Gloria how are you doing??????????


  10. Don't even think of it .....please when u see the implications ur love for hi, might weather it

  11. Pls kindly see a doctor for proper medical advice and counselling...the advice you are likely to get here may not be enough to make a reasonable decision. thank you.

  12. You've all spoken well. I agree with all the above comments.

  13. Dear poster, You're about to go on a suicide mission..pls dont do it even for love. Naturally love dies in every marriage before the end of first year, Couples may paint it like a bed of rose but believe me, you can only start building love again after three or more years in if you're doing it for love as u stated think again...AS marrying AS is disastrous that's just the naked thruth...

    Read this thought provoking article on the continual relegation of the youth to the background in Nigeria...'The Parable of the Corn' on my profile or visit

  14. Ooh, if you commit suicide poster, plenty AA guys will walk on your grave. SMH how can you think of suicide cos of a genotype?

    Infact I don vex

    1. bmf am with you on this one..but most times its painful especially when the both parties are really in love with each other...may dear just move on

      Glowyshoes's blog

  15. suicide is never the best option but a bad one. so, what you do is to pray, go tell any doctor for more explanation and tell him. if hes not urs, then hes not gonna stay but its urs, hes gonna be urs. HealthCare and Fitness


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