Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Women, Marriage And Society According To Charly Boy..

Charly Boy has advised Nigerian ladies to put marriage at the forefront of their priorities as success in life is incomplete without a marital crown. 

Charly Boy


Former PMAN President, Charly Boy is of the opinion that societal compliance demands that women, no matter how independent and successful they are should get married in other to become whole.

See what he wrote after the cut: 

"More women are career orientated and because of this, marriage somehow takes the back burner, however, no matter how successful a woman is in our society, irrespective of what she achieves in her career, or how financially independent she becomes, society still looks at it as incomplete. It is always expected that she crowns it all with a husband attached to her and where she fails to get married, her success is always tagged with a clause. Marriage is a Nobel institution even though we don’t think it’s meant for everybody. 

So what so you think, does marriage validate a woman, and do parental and societal pressure create this need for validation……"

 Share your thoughts . yayyyy or Nay... 

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    Give me the minstrel's seat that i may sit and ask you a word, my friends.
    Let me ask for what reason or rhyme women refuse to marry?
    Woman cannot exist except by man, what is there in that to vex some of them so?
    A woman is she who has a husband and she cannot but prosper.
    Cleave unto your man and his kinsmen will become jealous
    His kinsmen have planted cocoyams but d fruit they reap is dum-palm nuts!
    We think you plant the borassus palm, the teak, the mnga and the solanum tree,
    When man goes on the road he goes with a friend, for he who walks alone has no good fortune.
    As man goes through life soon he is pierced by the thorn,
    Or the sand-mote enters his eyes and he needs a friend to remove it.
    Likewise I give u advice, the rich man and the poor man.
    Joim hands accross the shroud.
    Better a loin-cloth witout disgrace than d fine-flowered shawl of shame.

  2. He is so right...atleast himself is a married man if not, I won't accept any advice from him

  3. i hope Linda Ikeji reads this.
    but really marriage is overrated joor

  4. The Area Fada is so right on this

  5. Abegi even the Bible didn't make it compulsory


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