Wednesday, 9 September 2015

The Proposal And The Ring..

I was having a conversation with a friend over the phone during the weekend, I have never met this friend of mine someone actually gave her my number according to her because, she was having some issues with  her relationship so a friend of mine that knows her gave her my number.

So we have been talking for sometime. when she called during the weekend, she said something that made me pause for a while during our conversation.
She said the size and quality of an engagement ring will determine whether she will accept the proposal or not. I was shocked more like my sermon for the past weeks has been landing on deaf ears.
So what happened to love? i asked..
Why so much hype on proposals these days anyway? Why do intending couple arrange their proposal and pretend like it was a surprise?(i have witnessed one lol...) Why say yes(because of a ring) when your heart says no?
I do not think that the ring, it's size, or quality is a guarantee for a happy marriage. I think intending couples should disabuse their minds from that mentality.
I am not in any way against an expensive engagement or wedding ring but let it be for the right reasons..

Stay blessed you all and have a blessed Wednesday.. Ooops i smell Friday...... Lalalala

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  1. goodmorning Gloria, no offense please. Dear Gloria, were you counseling this person that called you? Not all counselee will like what they he or she discussed with the counselor to be discussed outside. You may not mention the names but the person will sure know it. And you may blog channels of others calling you to confide.
    So dear, after you talked with her did she change her mind? You never mention that. Gloria I agreed with you about love, that’s the most important thing.
    Well if she insists on size and quality please kindly tell her to visit ** they have a lot to offer, amazingly.

    1. *and you may block channels of others calling you to confide*

    2. Thanks Lucy for your correction. But let me state that i don't disclose what i discussed with my counselee so to speak in" confidence " I have never. That she wanted an expensive ring wasn't her secret it's more like an anthem to her. This is what i have found myself doing for long.. I know how to talk to people and get the info I need from them I know which is confidential and which is not.. I love and appreciate those who have found me worthy to confide in me and I respect that trust.. People visit my blog alot (all thanks to God) and in whatever way i can, I want to pass a positive message across. Social media these days is agog with different things. Some positive and vice versa.. Most of these girls let some of the fake proposals they see on some of these sites get into their head.. We want a healthy society, a healthy future for our children and those unborn and trust me it all begins with getting it right from the beginning (marriage).. Thanks for giving me the chance to elaborate more on this...

    3. Gloria dear, thank you very much for your understanding. Cheers!!!

  2. I agree. There are people with 10k rings or no ring at all, whose marriages are hell, some with rings worth millions are also in the same category...because they all went into the marriages for the wrong reasons.

    Nma's Blog 

  3. I have seen a staged wedding proposal before... The poor brother had jejely proposed in his house but sister socialite would not gree he had to do it again after she caught the bouquet. I totally agree with Nma on this it depends on the foundation... Whether it's one Naira or one million a bad relationship will still be bad.
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  4. it gets under my skin when i hear talk like that, it is amazing how delusional one can be in this age and time of literacy and enlightenment. Yes a grand proposal is wonderful but what about the marriage tho? We focus too much energy on the irrelevant things and late start looking for who is "witching" you or some other stuff like that. It is a shame.
    Nicely write up Gloria, also thanks for checking up on me :)

  5. People have misunderstood the concept of marriage to something more materials in nature. That's why it becomes for easy for a lady to accept a wedding proposal only on the conditions of meeting up with her materials requirement.

    Though it supplies to both sex presently...guys do make their demands too. Some guys will insist that, they will not get married until they find a girl from this or that.

    I think our religious houses should preach to correct this wrong notion.

  6. Ring is not a guarantee for a healthy marriage. I forgot to buy rings for my wedding, I was carried away with the glitz and glamour preparation. Instead I opted for a "lesser ring *for my kind of person who don't take things serious I only wore my engagement ring for almost a year, it was when people started casting me why I don't have a wedding band that I eventually bought our wedding ring. Throughout that time, I didn't love my hubby less. The poster doesn't love her man, biko some girls will not even mind a plastic ring for proposal.

  7. leave those people abeg... na all dese pishures way them da see online dey wori them ... reject a good man because of ring na.... mtschew..


  8. Why get carried away with ring when the most important thing in marriage is the love and understanding you both share? Nawaa for some people sha!

  9. Marriage..... Dating....Courtship.....Proposals.....RINGS.... Let God guide all ladies in this journey .... Its not easy or perfct yet you 'll get der....

  10. ring or no ring,it will not add anything to one's marriage..i think its just to feel among or look best amongst peers.. i don't even need a ring proposal when my time comes..i don't even see myself using no engagemnt or wedding ring jawe...

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  11. She isn't serious about getting married. This is a pure case of misplaced priority.

    1. Ahahahahha babes am just seeing this post. I can't just stop laffing biko.

  12. Do people ever realize that the binding component in marriage is not the ring?

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  13. After the ring what next, her happiness doesn't matter to her, she is really after the luxury. I hope she rethinks and change her mind.

  14. You hit the nail right on the head. The focus should be on the relationship/marriage and how to better it after you say 'I DO' rather than a ring that might go missing tomorrow


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