Tuesday, 22 September 2015


The average Nigerian has been psychologically conditioned to endure the failings of his government towards providing the basic necessities of life to him i.e potable water, good road network,power supply, security of lives and property,etc.
Right from my birth, three decades ago, it has been the same old song: it shall be well. But instead of its getting well,we witness worse incidents with every government in power. From the federal level, down to the state level and then the local government level,it is the same clear message/signal sent across to the populace: steal all you can,settle some ''noise makers'' and cover your traces very well...nothing will happen! and indeed, nothing happens! Only the unfortunate and out of favours get caught.He is blamed for not playing his card very well.If he stole #100 billion from the public coffers, why didn't he settle that man at the EFCC with a paltry #100 million? He should have given that noise maker who calls himself a journalist #1 million naira to keep his mouth shut, or even given him an appointment in his government as the special adviser on media or senior special assistant on media and publicity.
He would have then concentrated all his efforts in praising his government and letting the world know that,under him,his community,local government or country was better than New york,Paris and London put together and that those criticizing his government are only mischief makers who have vowed that no good thing will ever come out of Israel. But i assure you that the hottest place in hell will be reserved for all of us who keep silent in the face of injustice and allow evil to reign supreme because our souls have been bought over by the corrupt politician who equally has mortgaged his soul to the devil for a mess of pottage.

It is only in Nigeria that you cannot drive a kilometre in a major highway without encountering one damning pothole or the other. Yet,the same road has been awarded over and over again to many contractors who collect and pocket the money meant for the road construction. Nothing will happen because the same construction company is owned by the brother of the president,governor or local government chairman and he will not have the audacity to ask questions.

Moreover,it's all for the betterment of his family and his father's abandoned building must be completed. The vehicle that daily breaks down on the road does not matter...why didn't the owner make sure that the car was in good shape,anyway? Accident on the road? Well,the driver was overspeeding.
My government has been warning these drivers to stop overspeeding! Now look at how this poor man has lost his life when he could easily have avoided that pothole if he was driving below 50kilometres per hour! Well,condolences to the family and i want to use this medium to reiterate the stance of this government in making sure that our roads are accident free by the year 2050! Imagine! Sometimes I wonder if this our political leaders really have the interest of the masses at heart. The corpses of accident victims littering our highways mean nothing to them.
Our hospitals have become glorified mortuaries.
In August,2012, I lost my fiancee to an avoidable road accident. Even when she was taken to mater hospital,she was in coma for three days and was referred to FMC, Abakaliki, when she gave up the ghost without for once coming out of coma.
That is by the way. The bureaucracy, power play,inefficiency of the administrative staff force many people to prefer taking harmful unorthodox medicines than visit the hospital for diagnosis and medical treatment. And if you cannot afford medical treatment in a private hospital,God help you! You will die miseably! Whose fault is it that you were born poor,by the way? Why didn't your father engage in many corrupt practises or romance with corrupt politicians in order to enrich himself and his generation?
What do you need light for? If you want to roast corn,is there no light in the kitchen? The only light you need is supplied to you free of charge by the sun in the day and moon at night. Anything other than that,na you sabi. If you're such interested in artificial light,the Chinese are here to help. Those in charge are importing generators of different capacities into the country and you have no excuse not to ''pass your neighbour''. If Hon (Mrs) Maria Ude Nwachi like,she is not God to say let there be light and they will be light...
But God is on His throne and one day we will all give account of our actions on earth.
Leaders please lead us well, governor govern us well let together do the right thing and save the next generation..


  1. Dear poster, I understand your point and where you are coming from but I put it to you that corruption will never end in Nigeria and the world at large until we change ourselves individually.....everyone is just corrupt

    1. If the foundation be destroyed, what can the righteous do?
      Psalm 11: 3

      hello expecting a mail from you, as the Assistant Pastor, your readers want to hear from you....

      send the mail to once again am saying CONGRATULATION!!!!

  2. I read this in between the lines...its a well presented article though filled with disappointment and lost of hope.

    God will not change anything about our situations until we change our ways, our thoughts and how we do everything.

    The leaders are not just wicked to us, they are the punishment to correct us.

    We are not a good follower of God's commandment...and He is punishing us with them.
    See: Why he will never love you no matter how hard you tried

  3. Nigerians are really going through hardship with this new govt honestly.. i pray he finds his footing soonest and stop chasing after irrelevant thing his own inner cabal is guilty of

    Glowyshoes's blog

  4. This post is loaded, but the fact is that we're being ruled by a corrupt government, and except through divine intervention, things will even change from better to worse. God help us.

  5. The writer only emphasized on the negatives but neglected the positives. Permit me to say, it is not a balanced article. I wish he/she cited a way forward too.

    I believe in Nigeria. No matter what happened or is happening, we can only get better.

  6. Corruption has already eaten deep into the system. We all are guilty of it even the poster is not an exception.
    In my own opinion, the change should start from us.


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