Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Question Of The Day...

Hey guys,

Saw this on Instagram and i can't help but bring it here..

Okay let me add so that we all can participate..
So to the sisters if it's your brother in that situation would you give your consent?

This should be fun right?...


  1. Of cos you should still marry her... Was it stated in the bible that a woman should do wifely duties before marriage? Modernization has changed everything... Abeg those men should park well

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    1. Thanks o.

      Haven't we seen instance where a babe will cook, do laundry and all but still not end up getting married to the guy?

    2. You have said what's on my mind.

    3. I agree with everyone here!!!!!

      It shouldn't be a criteria abeg

    4. The way some guys act like they've never eaten before ehn!!

    5. Ahahahahhaha Amaka don press P...Choi why you take am personal nah?

  2. No marriage, abeg! I won't try it! She has to cook or go look for a husband that prefers eating outside,lol

  3. Testing her cocking habit is so important...before proposal, I will have to invite her to my kitchen. Let her prepare varieties of food ranging from indomine to pounded yam.

    She must...this is necessary to avoid getting married to a buka addicted wife.

  4. hahahaha! i was actually looking forward to uthmans comment,he is my new blogboo.i trust my African men.

    ofcourse i suppport the motion that she must cook oo,lot of indomie and spaghetti girls outside

  5. I have one as my next door neighbour. They got married on April this year and the lady doesn't know how to cook anything. Every morning you see her carrying plate looking for food to buy for herself and hubby. Abeg make our men open eye before getting married these days ooo. Alabkeee yaf talk my own oooo

  6. I tend not to dabble into my siblings affairs but if this happens i guess it's his choice . But if i were a guy and my girl wont cook until we are married ,it's cool as long as she is willing to do it or learn to do it.

  7. Replies
    1. Wisest comment! Let them test others too nah!

  8. This is the poibt where everybody thinks like me. Or is it me thinking like everybody? Lol. All I'm saying is, I agree with everybody. :)

  9. NO..... I need to know hw gud she's in d kitchen, to avoid mkin d eatries/canteens my next house....

  10. I am a girl but why not, as long as we come to an understanding that she'll cook when married

  11. I am a girl but why not, as long as we come to an understanding that she'll cook when married

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