Saturday, 12 September 2015

Question Of The Day...

Hello guys,

How are you all doing? Who is partying today, and whose birthday is coming up next? If you want us to celebrate you and celebrate with you all you need do is send me a mail and you will be featured on the blog.

By the way is there still anybody who hasn't gotten his BVN? Please hurry October is weeks away.. Do not say i didn't tell you. Lolz

It's a saturday morning look like it's going to be a busy one for me. Got some errands to run and get to also give my hair some attention today. I pray am able to achieve all i plan to do today.

So before i sign out i got a question for us..

Yayyyy or Nayyyy?

Do have a beautiful saturday and remember to make someone smile today..
I see you all....


  1. Nay

    Anybody can cry unless you are sure he hardly cries and he decided to. Lolz abegyyyy nayyyyyYyyyyyy all the way

    Enjoy yah weekend darling

    1. Gloria dear, how are you? Happy Sunday in advance!!!

      I agreed with Chinco bee, Some Men hardly cry while some cry like babies. If he cries when he proposes to a girl and she accepts, on the wedding day, praise God. Losing a loved one is okay but if he is crying when he is caught committing adultery, cheating with your best friend, sister, cousin then those tears are begging for forgiveness and have nothing to do with love

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  3. A very big no no no...their cry is wat we call decievers cry.. Happy weekend darling

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  4. It's a Nayyyy for me because you can't really judge a book by its cover. A nice weekend to you too Glo

  5. My dear big lie, some people have more than enough tears to just shed at any given time. For me it's Nayyyy. Have a lovely weekend....

  6. Odikwa egwu...are his tears diamond-encrusted?
    Nma's Blog 

  7. For a guy to cry means a whole big deal to me .you know men dont cry. When I saw my daddy cried on my wedding day, that was the day I knew he loves me so much.

  8. crying means alot yet not all tears are for gud.. i could shed a tear wen tensed or wen i feel rage for something/one.. yet i cld shed a tear for love, joy, sorrow and so on.

    so i wldnt say its a true sign of love..

  9. Nay! Some men shed tears after beating their wife blue and black. The tears does not mean it won't happen again the beating continues.

  10. When a man cries . . . it means a strong emotion runs really deep. The emotion might be sadness, grief, anger or excitement (love). We cannot totally say what the tears' about.

    So No.

  11. Generally, no. But that question will still depend on the Circumstances. Why did he shed the tears? Is it relationship-related?

    Do you Agree? Couples that sext have better sex

  12. Ahahahahahaha Glo these your readers mean oooo.... why all the nay nay nay nay?

  13. My answer is a big noooooooo. Tears meAn nothing - my ex could cry a bucket load of tears but he was a chronic cheat - certified woman wrapper

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