Monday, 28 September 2015

Monday Inspirational Message....

"And they were all amazed, and they glorified God, and were filled with fear, saying, we have seen strange things today."
Luke 5:26

There are several ways God surprises and amazes people. You're a candidate for divine-amazement today.
God will perform wonders that will make you to do nothing, but to glorify Him continuously. He will do a new thing in your life today.

Whoever that is happy that you are crying, will cry your tears today, whoever that is saying no to the yes of God in your life will be put to shame at your testimony..
He will answer your prayers with strange things in righteousness.
In Jesus Wonderful Name!!! Amen
Beloved, have a joyful week..

Hello lovelies, how did your holiday go?
I was MIA all the weekend didn't even visit any blog.. Nothing much just one of those times when you feel like not having anything to do with the Internet. Yes it came to the point that i felt like giving up on the blog. The "why" is because i am human.

So it's officially my birthday week and i have started receiving gifts you can send yours now to avoid last minute rush.. *winks@everyone*


  1. Yayyyyyyyyyy can't wait for the birthday. I didn't even notice you were MIA cos there was no time sef. The long hols seems short

    Thanks for the prayers and I say a big amen to it. God bless you dear. Enjoy ur week as well

  2. Good morning Dear Gloria and welcome from MIA. I Strongly believe that today my visitation is Mandatory because the set time for favour Zion is now! A candidate for divine for Divine-amazement! thank you for this inspirational message!!!

    happy birthday in Advance!!!

    "Yes it came to the point that i felt like giving up on the blog. The "why" is because i am human. "
    GLORIA I must say am so disappointed in the above sentence make by you. you of all people should know when it feels like giving-up, it is actually the best time to hang on because God is about to take you to another level.

    remember the story of the children of Israel how they said they prefer as they were in the land of Egypt eating Cucumber, garlic and Onions?

    please I believe in you Gloria, don't give up for I can hear the sound of abundance of rain!!!

    you are a conqueror
    you are the head and not the tail
    you are above and not beneath
    you are the first and not the last

    " I want you to inspire people, let someone look at you with smiles and say "thank you Gloria, because of you i didn't give up."

    let me hear from you dear and remember that today is our Bible study and God need your services @ *smiles*

  3. Yesooo, I'm a candidate for divine amazement today, and so are you Glo, as well as everyone who visits this blog.
    Happy birthday in advance dear

  4. I say a big Amen to your prayers.

    Giving up on the blog happens to virtually all bloggers. Hang in there. it is well
    Have a beautiful week ahead and happy birthday in advance

  5. A big Amen to your prayers. It shall come to pass in our lives.
    HBD in advance Glo

  6. Amen to your prayers. will just save my birthday wishes till the D day, better send our cakes oo.

  7. Amen. We've all been there. Glo, keep pushing. Don't stop!
    It's Not Over Yet

  8. A thunderous Amen to the prayers, plus wishing u HBD in advance and u DHL our cakes o lol.

    Check out DTB's latest post..'The Flying tailor' Franz Reichelt who jumped to his death from Eiffel tower and more interesting news by clicking on my profile..

  9. Amen...

    Happy birthday in Advance...Biko God is your strength you can't give up now cause you are doing an amazing job and inspiring people. most times am also that way and it happens to most bloggers too.

  10. AMEN............HBD in advance....

  11. up is an idea that always find his way honour minds to discourage us from been successful. I would not be surprised if anyone gives up, will only be surprised if you do because you are an inspiration to others. and if you quit, that means the follower should learn how to quit from you.

    How to be successful in a difficult situation

  12. It is called "writer's block". My own is everyday self!
    Thanks for the kind words

  13. I feel same thing sometimes but knowing I have a purpose to help youth who are getting their life all wrong, always push me to continue. I know that one day it will surely click. Gloria the Lord is ur strength as u use ur blog to spread the good news. Keep it up and don't ever think of quitting.

    Besides "Amen" to the beautiful prayer. I claim it all in Jesus name.

  14. Never give up. HBD in advance. Mine is coming up soon.


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