Monday, 14 September 2015

Happy Birthday To A Committed Shoe Blogger..

Hello world,

Have been having a busy time hence my absence online plus i virtually searched the whole of Google to be able to get this pic. Lol.
That however, cannot stop me from wishing a pretty, talented and intelligent blogger a HAPPY BIRTHDAY..

Sweetie words cannot express how much your consistency has influenced me.
I pray for more open doors for you and more glorious years ahead..

Please you all join me in wishing this beautiful shoe lover a HAPPY BIRTHDAY.. and do visit her blog at i bet you your love for shoes will never remain the same.. 
Hip, Hip, Hip... Hurraaaay......


  1. Is this her? this is serious...Shoe's lover happy birthday.

  2. Hian, you people should rather show us her shoes jor

    Glowy Glowy happy birthday dear. I wish you the best things in life. You will continue to glow

    1. yea i agree with chinco bee, abeg shocase shoes or Gloria dear u search for d shoes as u wer seaching for her pic?

      happy birthday!!! wishing you God's peace!!!

  3. Happy bornday dear, may God bless your new age

  4. Hahahahah.. You practically searched the whole of google..awww whr did u get this? That like 2012.. Thanks so much my darling i really appreciate this

    Glowyshoe blog

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