Saturday, 5 September 2015

From Me To You.........

Revenge is the desire to get even when someone does you wrong.
It’s natural to feel angry, to say “I’m not
going to let this person get away with this,” However, revenge reduces you to your worst self, puts you on the same level with those spiteful people we claim to abhor.
Additionally, studies have shown that revenge increases stress and impairs health and immunity. Hence, it is not healthy to abhor the spirit of hate /revenge.

Forgiveness on the other hand, means to pardon, to waive any negative feeling or desire for punishment.

Only the brave know how to forgive ...A coward never forgave ; it is not in his nature. - Laurence Sterne.
The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong. - Mahatma Gandhi.

It takes courage, it takes guts, it takes maturity and above all it takes grace to forgive.. As hard as this (forgiveness) may seem, revenge is still not an option..
Have you grudged somebody before?, or are you presently holding someone in your heart? Please forgive and let go..
Forgiveness is a healer, it brings unexplainable relief.
Revenge is not yours sweetie, yeah I know you were back-stabbed, I know he/she deserves to be dealt with yeah i know all that but how about holding your peace and allow God fight for you..

Have a blessed weekend you all.. I see you all...

Please someone should teach me how to use a screen grabber /screen muncher. I have downloaded but it's not working for me.


  1. Dunno that kinda screen muncher but mine works with the volume keys. You press it together. Maybe you use a diff kinda phone sha

    Back to the post, at times, when you feel betray the urge will come to get back at the person but with time,you will grow out of it esp you keep doing well except for few situations when some are really bent in taking revenge. It's pointless.The person will be dealt with, it shouldn't come from us

    Goodmrning Fam

  2. What phone is that ?

    Happy weekend too

    1. @Chinco bee thanks, @mimi its an infinix phone.

    2. Don't really know about infinix. Mine works with the volume buttons, pressing both buttons same time. u can try that out

    3. Press the volume and power button together, press it well and you're good to go. Oya try it now

  3. I will fight for you, you shall hold your peace.

  4. Replies
    1. I thought as much have tried everything.. So what do i do? B/w how do i save pics from Instagram?

    2. You can't save pictures, you can only munch.
      It works, you are not doing it well because I taught my friend using infinix how to.
      Align your finger with the lower volume key and upper power button. Oya

    3. You can save pic from IG by downloading instasave. But it will only apply to pictures that you like. You will see it on your instasave platform!!!!

      You can thank me now

  5. I'm having same issue. Someone pls teach us biko.

  6. Its easier to say "I've forgiven you" but difficult to actually execute. thanks for this words of wisdomm

    1. I agree with Uthman...forgiveness is not so easy

      Nma's Blog 

  7. I'm teaching all of you oh, oya try it now ehn

  8. It takes the grace of God to forgive someone who has really hurt you badly. Thanks for sharing Glo

  9. forgiveness is hard sometimes oh.... dere's someone that reli hurt me a long time ago... i've forgiven the person o... i just cant bring myself to talk to the person


  10. we all got what we are not good at for me i will forgive and leave veageance to God....

  11. God will bless u for this, Gloria.

  12. To err is human,To forgive is divine. In actual sense,its easy to forgive but not easy to forget

  13. Hiya glo glo am back,.. And hell no this post is so not for me pls...

    Glowyshoe blog

  14. Only the brave know how to forgive -i like the sound of that. I learnt from experience that forgiveness is for me not for those that hurt me. One only truly knows peace when they forgive.
    No idea about the screen grabbing part.

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