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Dear Gloria My Sister Needs Help..

Dear Gloria,

This is about my elder sister.. She got married in 2011. My sister has been in a relationship with a guy for long and everybody thought that is the man she is going to get married to only for her to bring another person and in less than 3 months they were married.
I remember my mum sat her down severally to find out what went wrong she said the guy was not ready for marriage and she is not getting any younger and since she saw a man that was ready she doesn't want to lose him..
After the marriage in February 2011,in October she gave birth to a baby boy who was a complete replica of her former guy. I guess the husband does not know the guy or he decided to keep mute.
Last month my sister called me and in tears told me that the first son (she has had two other boys) is actually for her former guy who also got married 2013 with a child too..
My sister is now a shadow of herself this secret has been eating her up. I told her to let us tell mum she refused so i told her to give me time to think about it. I am so confused don't know what to tell her. I decided to bring it here because she is not an Internet person.
Please people how do we go about this?  Please ma help me published this letter..

My Opinion:
I have published your letter as you can see so let's hear what others have to say..
There are no two ways about this dear your mum and all concern will get to hear about this and the earlier they do the better for everyone.. What she did was wrong because she knew from the onset that the pregnancy was for her ex but don't want us to dwell on her mistakes but rather let's help her with solutions..

Thanks for reading you all. For last week's letter, click here.


  1. My dear,

    That's really sad. But we have to move on from our dirty past to be totally free to live. I like to make a list of suggestions;

    1. Pray to God about it.
    2. Talk to a pastor or a counsellor. (be careful who you share this story with)
    3. Ask for wisdom (on your sis behalf) to restitute. It is a matter of restitution.
    4. She can only be free when she confesses to her husband. Tell her to prepare her heart for the consequences that follows after that.

    Here are some blog posts you (and she) might like to read . . .
    1. Making Restitution
    2. Unlock Yourself
    3. How God Healed my Broken Heart
    4. Are you drowning?

    Do send me an email - I'd love to pray with you. It is well.

    1. awwww... ain't u so sweet..wisdom is profitable to direct you have to tell the truth but let the holy spirit guide you


    2. 100 likes@amakas comment

  2. goodmorning Gloria!

    ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. John 8:32

    let and confess her sin to God and beg for forgiveness. plead wih her husband to forgive her hmmm hiding the truth from her husband all those years is not fair at all. no trust at all.

    then let her call the father of the child, confess to him and Go with her and return the child. if she plead with father to let her keep the child ok. that's if is okay with her husband.

    May God Forgive her and give her Grace to love her husband more by not keeping secrets from him in Jesus name. Amen.

    1. *let her confess her sin to God*
      *go with her husband and return the child*

  3. this is really a dicey situation... you should first of all pray to God to give you the wisdom to handle this situation,then talk to your mom, after which you should go speak to a matured spiritual father....
    your husbamd has to know..but never confess to him alone cos you never know what his reaction would be

    Glowyshoe blog

  4. Who says that women are not deceptive in nature? Every now and then,women drop a clanger, roll in the hays,kick over the traces and play it close to thei[Receiving Text]d her packing or start facing life with a wife he cannot trust (yes,having kept such a secret from him,life will not be the same again if he retains her)

  5. Hmmmmmm she must have known this before she got married nah habaaaaa

    If her conscience is eating her up, she should confess biko

  6. Hmmmmmm....This situation is a very common one in our society and most women are guilty of this act and pretend that everything is fine not until d baby is born and he turns out to be a replica of her ex....

    However,this situation is a dicey one which needs lots of wisdom cos no real man will tolerate such,the next thing wl be for him to send her parking. This won't be your portion poster. Pray to God about it to give u wisdom to handle this situation.

  7. This is why some men often say that women are very secretive. Why hide such a sensitive issue from your hubby? Well, the deed has already been done and what matters most now is how to right the wrong. After praying and confessing your sins to God, I will advise that you get a counselor who will further direct you on steps to take in handling this issue. All the best

  8. She needs wisdom to handle this...can she risk telling the truth,being at peace with her God and lose her home? Or would she prefer keeping her home at the detriment of her peace?

    I think he should go for the babymama...only after he's found out if she once was promiscuous abi t'was just a mistake.

    No.1 is not yet ready for marriage
    No3 is a time bomb
    No.4 could be a case of 'na condition make crayfish bend'

    Nma's Blog 

  9. She should not tell the husband yet. First of all let her pray and seek for forgiveness from God, then find someone who will help her break the news to the man while preaching forgiveness to both of them. Someone her husband hold in high esteem. Preferably a man of God. This kind of problem can break a home.

  10. words fail me....

    i go with amaka advice

  11. Majority have said it all... and the Bible says "In the multitude of Counsel, their is safety". I wish her divine intervention

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  12. Very simple situation...Am sure she is under pressure just because she really in the problem.

    The greatest mistake she made was for her to intentionally got married to her husband while caring another person's pregnancy. (its wickedness). Am sure she knew she was pregnant.

    The only thing she needed to do, is to confront her husband and tell him how it all happened and thereafter tell the man involved.

    The man will not deny, and if he does go for DNA test. Though you may not eat your cake and have it, because after returning the boy to his father, you may have to forfeit your family if the man refused to take it likely.

    But your conscience is cleared already.

  13. She should ask God for wisdom. Men's wisdom will just bring her more confusion and unnecessary judgement. I will say, she knows her husband better, what he can accept and not accept and make her decisions based on that.

  14. Only God can help her in this case so just seek God's wisdom on how to handle this

  15. I myself fear this her coded moves abeg, Chai! Deal with your ish biko.

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