Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Trendy Living Blog Has Gotten It's Own Domain Name..

Hello world,
Happy Tuesday to you all..
How are you all doing? Now, I have been speaking in parables for some days now right? Lolz  so the food that Trendy Living Blog has been cooking it's finally ready.

*clears throat and adjust mic.*

I am so happy to announce to you all that we have  gotten a domain name and it's  *clapping......
Hehehe but never mind you can still type the former and it will direct you to the new.
I told you all about how i got inspired after reading a post from
In that post, she explained extensively on the importance of getting a domain name and since Trendy Living Blog it's something that has become very close to my heart i decided to take it forward.

I contacted Jide Ogunsanya of the best in the blogsphere yes the best and guess what? he is the most patience person you can ever imagine. I have been visiting his blog because as a newbie i have a lot to learn and his blog is like an online University for all bloggers because of its educating content and i found favour with him.. Hehehe...#favouredchild

I urge you all to contact him if you want to also get a domain name.. Honestly i didn't know there are still nice people like him.. Want to say a very big THANK YOU to him. 
Will also be changing my template very soon.. 

Now, that is the  plate of food isn't it delicious?


  1. Big congrats took me months before i could finally make up my mind...lets ride up higher

    1. Really? Never really given it a thought until i read that article.. Congrats too..

    2. Congratulations and thank you for sharing how we too can get a custom domain. You're the best
      Check out my blog guys

    3. met him too, he's very helpful and down to earth in this blogosphere that every body forms busy.I so love the new name. welldone girl...check out for real women story and if you loved reading it please share. i love you for reading

  2. Lolz don't be dear just contact Mr Jide it doesn't take much..

  3. The food is so tasty sweetie. Happy for you dear

  4. Hehe, this is interesting. We are almost jealous but no since the cookie is nice we are contented. #ShowingUsTheWay.

  5. Hmmm I guessed right! That was what came to my mind the moment I read that post... Need to copy you ASAP, Can't wait to see the new look you wanna give the blog. keep moving higher.

  6. hmmmm....... congrats dearie #e-hugs#

    Nigerians can be very competitive eh! Even in spiritual things.
    Me: my head day pain me.
    Colleague: your own small, my head, neck, waist, everywhere dey pain me. read

  7. Very nice! Jide is my friend on facebook and I can vouch for him

  8. Jide Adesanya, my friend on Facebook lemme famz him small. He shared, y post on his time line few days ago.

    But eeermmm, what's with the domain name Kwa!

  9. Yyyyyyyyyaaaaaayyyy.. You go Gurll.. Yaaaaaggggaaaa... So we should throw a PaRRy you know?! I mean this is a ghen ghen next level something eh.. Weldone Bubba.. Weldone..

    It is endearing Gloria... To read people who are taking their ghen ghen pages to the next Level.. and this just shows that ye haf enter Gear 2.. Weldone Bubba..

    **Singing,.. We gonna PaRRy hard.. We we gonna paRRy hard **Winks...

  10. Congrats sweerie....Make dem no do werin dem do for lindodo for you

  11. Way to go...

    Cool stuff...

  12. Yaaay!!! Glory u are on point ...

  13. Congrats dear,greater heights I pray.

  14. Congrats dear.

  15. Thanks to you all for your support and cooperation so far.. and thanks for the best wishes...

  16. Congratsssss Gloria. The popular bloggers we have got a few awesome ones, currently making amendments to my blog is seasoned life he is awesome too. And Mr Jide can teach you everything. God bless them.


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