Tuesday, 25 August 2015

The Simple Personality...

I have had the opportunity to interview certain persons and when i ask them to describe themselves, the first thing i hear is "i am a simple person......"  I therefore concludes that being simple is a good attribute.

According to an online dictionary, simplicity is the state, quality, or an instance of being simple.

A simple person is one who is open, honest, and direct, without hypocrisy.
A simple person recognizes that everything he has comes from God.
A simple person realizes that what he /she is, is by the grace of God and so should make use of all things in thankfulness to the creator.

To be simple is to have the mind of Christ (philippians 2:5). Our perfect example (Lord Jesus) has all things but he put aside his glory for a while and became one of us.

A simple person is not enticed or seduced into extravagant and luxurious things that may destroy him.
Now simplicity does not mean we cannot live in abundance and overflow ;it does not mean we cannot live a prosperous, healthy and wealthy lifestyle.. Instead, simplicity is to be mindful and conscious that all blessings we have comes from God and so we don't have to waste, plunder or misuse the blessings.
The blessings of God in our lives must be used to live a meaningfully good life that meet our needs and the needs of others.

A simple person is not extravagant, lavish and wasteful, squanderous and accumulative.. The simple recognize that we are created for God and do not belong to ourselves and so we must glorify God through what we have. 

Eccl 4:6 says "Better to have a handful with peace of mind than two handful and chasing after the wind." we can develop a  spirit of simplicity by calling upon the spirit of God to fill our lives. When we do that, we will conquer the cravings of the flesh.

I honestly wish someone that knows me personally can describe me. I remember i have a friend that we use to do that to each other and it helps to keep your character/personality in check..
Being simple is not the only good attribute that is good. There are so many others that you can possess. You can be meek, humble, principled etc....
(maybe will be writing about others subsequently).

So tell me are you a simple person???


  1. Its really rare to see a real simple individual. They just address themselves as one.

    You completely described the attributes of been simple in accordance with Biblical reference. Thanks.



  2. not everyone is simple sometimes it takes a very matured mind that will help in telling you some deep detailed truths about one's self

    Glowyshoe blog

  3. Glo dear, I'm a principled fellow. I don't take shit

  4. I'd like to think I am, but everyone will say that about themselves right. I don't know that I'd classify myself in specific way, I just try to follow the principles I believe in and try to be the best version on myself I can be, that's all.
    Nice piece Gloria girl.

  5. i think the word Simple has diverse meaning to lot of people.

    1. dats true... even the bible has a negative word for simple

      when daddy asks THE question

  6. Ate you serious? I've not exactly observed how people frequently associate themselves with the word "Simple" . The word is not even as simple as it sounds, it is complicated. It connotes a positive and negative meaning. It's safe not to use it as a self-description.

    Nice piece, sweet Glo.

  7. Simplicity, most people who say they are simple don't really understand the word. What characters or behaviours does a simple person posses? Me want to know

  8. If one is truly simple it will shoq in character and not words. Being simple isn't always a good thing tho.....


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