Thursday, 13 August 2015

Should I Keep Sending My Nude Pictures?

Dear Gloria,
I have been visiting your blog for sometime now and i can say your blog is highly educative and i love the way you present issues. I want your advice on this issue you can also published it for your esteemed readers to also air their views..

I am 34 met a 41-yrs-old man online recently and after much chatting via bbm/watsappp, I decided to give it a trial and date him. When we started dating, everything seems fine (though i haven't seen him physically) until he kept asking that i send my nude pics to him. Truth is I sent alot but have never felt comfortable anytime i do so. He always ask for more nude pics. I refused because i no longer see it as normal. Now, he says if i don't keep sending my nude pics i should consider the relationship over.
The issue is over this period of our affair i have come to love him and don't know how am going to cope without our daily chats/calls.
Please ma, i need your candid advice and like i said you can make this public but hide my identity..

My Opinion
I love the way she describe TLB readers.(clapping for them blog readers).
So to the issue at hand my heart sank as I read this mail over and over again. My dear you were never in a relationship, but you have just been used for heaven knows what.
You don't know this man from Adam and have never met him yet you felt so free sending him your nudes? Come on girl use your brain. You were just lusting after this player only God knows how many nude pics of different ladies he has in his folder.
That you aren't married at 34, should not make you loose your senses. I mean get busy with your life and focus only then will you meet your mate.

Over to you my ESTEEMED READERS let's advice a friend, a sister.....

I think i should introduce the "Dear Gloria" segment on the blog so that we can together profer solutions to someone in need.. What do you guys think?????


  1. Yep! I think "Dear Gloria" is a good idea.

    My advice will be a quote: "Do not let any man toy with your heart let alone your body."

    A word is enough for the wise.

    1. I can't wait for dear gloria o, my dear, this thing we call love can make some people foolish. Why send pics to someone you don't know and he's now threatening you. pls find your levels o. For interesting women stories check out i love you for reading

    2. Wow! Gloria your response was perfect. I love your blog.
      Please check out my blog guys bettykrislav.blogspot and kindly follow and subscribe thanks

  2. Una no go hear. You have sent countless nude pictures to him before you remember to bring your matter on the hot seat. I hope your face didn't show in all the pictures? Cos if it's obvious you are the one in the pictures, biko don't sleep at night oooo. Anyways, the deed is done and incase you will listen, stop sending NUDE pictures. What for? There are so many naked girls on IG, infact on Internet, he should goan look at them.

    Where is your own pride as a woman? Someone you haven't seen before?smh Babe this is official scamming. And I don't need to remind you that a man that ask for such is so irresponsible and immatured!!!!!

  3. Nice blog,that's right! Please,you should introduce the ''Dear Gloria'' segment to this blog so that we can learn from the mistakes of others and profer solutions to the predicament of others. And to the blog visitor with the complain, your body is the temple of God. Don't do anything that will defile it. Since you've realised your mistakes, retrace your steps by not sending the 'ghost' more nude pictures of your naked body. Again, ask for forgiveness from God and pray over every temptation you may encounter. You were never in love with him, you were infatuated. However, you should know that there's a special person out there and you will meet him in due time, so don't do any sinful thing that will make you lose him and God's favour. At the end of the day, you will come out victorious. Stay blessed, it is well!

  4. Yeah nice idea to introduce ' Dear Gloria'

    Seriously dear, that wasn't love or is not love. Why would the guy want to end a relationship if he loves you, the guy is simply using you and don't be surprise if he blackmail's You with those photo. Probably post them on Facebook and tag you. That's the dangerous things most of this guys do.

    Don't sell out your dignity as a lady, because you feel age is no longer on your side. As Gloria said get busy and always ask your father in heaven for help. Don't give up dear.

  5. She should know better than what she did.... Why send nude to a man uve never met... Pls don't do this again.. Every woman shuld learn to respct her body

  6. I'm in support of introducing the Dear Gloria segment. Unto the matter of ground, can ladies learn from other people's mistakes already. Why send your nude photos to a man all in the name of relationship. Babe, please wake up before it's too late. Mind you, this person you're talking about can use the nude photos to hunt you later in life. A word is enough for the wise

  7. Its very wrong to send nude pics to a man you haven't met before. I don't like the idea. You have to end the relationship. I wish u the best in the decision you make.

  8. Just make sure ur face didn't show in any of those pics or you might have ur self to blame ifcu are used as the cover girl of a porn CD and hey u haven't met him right?...delete every trace of him from ur wall ..I don't know which kain love be this...

  9. Theyve said it all. DO NOT SEND YOUR NUDE PICTURES TO ANY MAN. Simple. Let him go. Your man will come to you without conditions.

  10. Sigh. I'm not sure you love him, you're infatuated or perhaps love the attention you're getting.
    Lemme not say my mind sha. Scroll up and read.

  11. Keep sending, until he blackmail you with it. You should be old enough know what is right or wrong. Hope he dey send his own nude pictures sha


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