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Linda Ikeji Empowers 15 Girls In The 'I'd Rather Be SelfMade Project.

Noted blogger Linda Ikeji empowers 15 young girls where she gave out over N5million to them to enable them start a business of their..

The slogan for this initiative is 'I'd rather be SelfMade'. The is to empower girls to be independent so that they don't get to involve in dirty deals in exchange for money..

Hear her :
"I am so excited and I can't wait to help more young ladies start their own businesses. So earlier this year, I announced that I was going to set aside a N10million grant to help young ladies with dreams, ambition and great business ideas to start their own small scale businesses.And finally, I've done it. I've spent over N5million on 15 girls...and I have another N5million to give away before the end of the year. You have a great business idea and need start up capital? I'm here to help! .:-)

So here's how it happened. I met with over 800 ladies in January this year, I got a panel to look at their proposals, we asked about 50 of them to present their ideas to us and then we shortlisted to 15 girls who are the first beneficiaries of the 'Linda Ikeji I'd Rather Be Selfmade' project. Above are 11 out of the 15 beneficiaries. Four girls who live outside Lagos (Jos, Umuahia, Ibadan and Warri) couldn't make it to our meeting this past Sunday August 23rd. See some photos and more after the cut

Two of the girls got over N600k each, another two got over N500k each, two got over N400k, others got over N300k and N200k. Only one girl got N150k.

Asides from giving them money to start their businesses, I will also use my platform (LIB) to push their businesses. Whenever I post anything from any of my SelfMade ladies, I will indicate it's one of my girls so you guys can please patronize them.

This money is 100% my own money. I didn't collect a dime from anyone. I want to first give away this N10million and see what the girls do with it before getting others involved. I'm truly hoping to make a new set of self made women and like I said when I stared this, I plan to do this for as long as I can. Once this N10million is exhausted, I will bring out more money.

Also, I told the ladies/beneficiaries that if I see that their business is going well and they are really dedicated and extremely serious about succeeding, I will pump in more money into their businesses and by the end of 1 year, any lady who has most succeeded with the little they got to set up their business, will get an additional N1million. Two of them will actually get N1million each.

I really, really want more women to succeed, to be more independent, to make their own money, and to stop sleeping with men for money. And I will do everything I can to help as many ladies as I can.

Having said all that, I will be calling for a new set of girls in the coming weeks. So if you're interested, get a proposal ready. Tell us what you want to do and how much you need to do it and be ready to face a panel to defend your business idea. I wish you and yours all the best and as soon as my team and I are ready, I will announce where you can meet us. So stay tuned. Kisses!".

I think this is a great initiative. The essence why we are blessed is for us to bless others. God cannot give you what He(God) can't get through you..

"You are not truly rich until you become an outreach ". - Anonymous


  1. A big kudos to Linda Ikeji, yea to those who care God actually blesses us so that we can bless others. I hope the beneficiaries succeed in their various businesses.

  2. That is her own way of rendering community development service. We shall also grow to help others by His grace.


    HOw to make it by been smart

  3. She tried.......May God replenish her purse

  4. She really inspired me to work hard....

  5. Giving back to the society... that's a good one coming from Linda Ikeji. A great lesson indeed.

  6. God will continually bless her. We should really learn from this.


  7. Giving hands never lack, try it, it works like Magic

    Bless you Linda chopping life

  8. Linda is really trying, I like her kind gesture. May she be rewarded for her well doing. It's more blessed to give.......

  9. This is so beautiful. Sweet Gloria, Can I reblog, please?

  10. Aunty Lindodo

    So nice of her. Nothing as good as giving back to the society!!!!

    I wish the girls the best

    Gloria thanks baby, am better now. God bless you

    1. You welcome dear am happy you are up..

  11. She has a good heart. God bless Linda!

  12. hi new here, hope am welcome.
    Linda is a solution carrier!

    1. Wow sweetie you are highly welcomed and please keep visiting...

  13. Great work Linda is doing. Blessed to be a blessing.

  14. I really admire her mission, God bless her as she in turn blesses other women.

  15. Giving back to society is really fulfilling.....

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