Saturday, 22 August 2015

Is This For Real????????

Honestly, i sincerely don't know if this truly happened or if its a movie/location pics..
I was jejely visiting Lindaikeji's blog when i saw this.

A 26yr old Ugandan singer weds his 68yr old Swedish lover.. (photos)

26 year old Ugandan singer, Guvnor Ace whose real name is Ronald Ssemawere made headlines yesterday in Uganda after he got married to his 68 year old Swedish lover, Mona Lisa Larsson at a marriage registry in Kampala, the Ugandan capital. According to Ugandan media, Guvnor had released two singles in her honor which he titled: Mona Lisa and Mukadde. In one of the songs, Guvnor sang "The one you call elderly, I discovered secrets in her and she gives me love to the fullest". Continue to see more photos from their court wedding and their honey moon after the cut..

I have still not recovered from the shock lolz... 4 2 years difference??? I believe it's a movie..


  1. The hustle is real...besides white women love black guys for some reason I am yet to find out. I hope he gets his EU papers soon
    Nma's Blog 

  2. Recover from the shock already Glo. The hustle is real. Wld he have sex with her cos I wonder the pleasure he wld derive? None..
    Am sure he is married to her to get his EU papers, nothing more

  3. Nma the hustle is really real. He should have his reasons for this. This can never be love.

  4. This is session one from this series, am eagerly waiting for sessions two....... The guy has a target, it can't be love......

  5. This na session one from this so called love series, am eagerly waiting for sessions two.... This can't be love, this guy has a target ... Watch out.

  6. Hustle for Papers. It is so real

  7. We know the real reason really. Like for real.

    *I'm playing with rhymes*

  8. i think this is true love.... the white are smarter than that nowadays o....

  9. Permit me to save this page as reference material for those who wanna go abroad by force...this is what it takes black men to get a stay out there.

    I can't imaging getting married to my grandmother's mate without been casted a spell.

  10. Wow wow wow wow could this be love? That I very much doubt but you never know! The man need Kpaki while the woman needs hot ........

  11. It sounds so funny though, but it happens

  12. Hian stunt or not, na them sabi


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