Tuesday, 18 August 2015

GUEST POST: Varying Degrees Of Corruption And It's Consequences..

Corruption can be defined as the process whereby someone is willing to act dishonestly in return for money, favour,etc. It comes in different forms: sexual gratification,bribery, political subjugation, aggrandizement, etc. With relation to work ethics, corruption starts when you don't appreciate your workers. The annexation rule states that no single individual can be able to do all his work alone. You need the help of others in order to achieve your objectives. However, if after working for you and helping you to achieve your objectives, and you owe your workers, then they will naturally look for alternative ways of survival. They will engage in many corrupt practises in order to survive.

Many traders argue that if you're seeking for your down-fall or the closure of your business, you should start with employing sales-girls to help you manage your business. The employment of salesgirls depends largely on how big your business is. If you're a small scale retailer,the need for salesgirls is uncalled for; because you can conveniently manage on your own and have firsthand/personal transactions with your customers, and possibly get personal with them. But if you're a wholesaler,with a big business expansion,there is a very big possibility that you will need the help of salesgirls in order to operate optimally.
Then you can relax at the comfort of your desk,read newspapers, chat with friends, surf the internet,etc, while your employees serve your customers.
Everything work out fine if you respect your employees and show them you appreciate their efforts by paying them in due time, and giving them incentives that would encourage them to work harder and promote healthy competition/ rivalry among themselves, which would lead the company to greater heights.
However, if you owe your sales-girls/employees the peanut you agreed to be paying them for their services, they will turn to stealing from you; short-changing  your customers, stealing your products and selling them off at cut prices; in order to grab as much as they can,and engaging in other corrupt practises. Within months, you won't know what hit you as you go bankrupt. Even when you decide to sack them, you're naturally expected to pay them off. Yes, even the Bible supports that a labourer deserves his wage................... (to be cont'd).......

Thanks my presido for sending this in..


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    1. Interesting post mami.....soooooooo I thought I would pop in and say Goodbye....I am humbled I met you on blogsville...Muah mami...

    2. @Tibs...Mami where hast thou been?

      Nma's Blog 

  2. Corruption is everywhere and its really eating deep down.. I just pray that the few who can stand trustworthy are not tempted to join the bandwagon

  3. Those sale girls can make or Mar your business. The decision is on you to manage them wisely

  4. Short but great post...some bosses wouldn't treat their employees right and expect loyalty in doesn't work that way.

  5. Infact it's really a hard one but you can't just do everything!!!!!

  6. The fact is that some employers are stingy to the core. They expect you to kill yourself while working for them but pay you little salary that can't even take care of your feeding, let alone other essential needs.

  7. The importance of treating junior colleagues well cannot be overstated, knowing someone who is always lamenting about how she's treated at work and absolutely detests going to work everyday due to victimization and bullying from her boss, it's not a funny affair and I empathize with her. As much as we can, we should be fair to everyone including subordinates. Good piece.

  8. Well said.

  9. Yea...The past of employers is he who paid promptly and treat his employees with respect and honour. Nice piece.


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