Thursday, 27 August 2015

Dear Gloria He Wants To Dump Me....

Dear Gloria,

I am 32 years old lady i have been in a relationship with a 36 years old man since 2010(5 years).
I am from Cross River State why my boyfriend is from Imo State..

We met during our youth service and it has been a blissful relationship since then as we are madly in love with each other.
Though he hasn't proposed to me officially but we do discuss marriage once in awhile..
I have never doubted his love or faithful for me.

Recently, i read somewhere that there's need to snoop on your boyfriend's phone once in awhile. I have never done that or even pick his calls but after reading that article i decided to try it out.
You won't believe what i found out (am still in tears). I found out that he has been in constant communication with a girl from his village and even refers to her as his wife in one of their chats. From what i gathered his family even knows this girl..
I have only followed him to his village ones and that was in our 2nd year of dating so i don't know much about his family.
I told my friend of my findings and she advised that i don't confront him yet but i am dying inside so i decided to write to you and hear the response of others as i sometimes visit your blog...
Please do you think i shouldn't confront him yet??? Please attend to my letter on time please...

My Opinion
My dear go ahead and confront him though am going to do you a personal letter but what were you thinking dating a man for five years and no commitment..
Personally, i don't even encourage long term dating. Babes please be wise don't allow yourselves to be used and dumped.

If you just read this letter please kindly drop your view(s) in the comment section..


  1. Five years no proposal when you two ain't in your early 20s?
    Personally, I don't encourage snooping because what you see is what you get.
    My dear, no need to confront him, just pick up whatever is left of your heart and move on.

    1. She delet the man from er life and anytime she jam am for street make she pick race nd d guy no nid any explanation too

    2. All it required of you is to communicate. Communication is so essential, just talk to him and discuss it. It might not be what you assumed.

      I think you should also emphasise on commitment. Tell him to show you he will marry u and let you see the proof.

  2. Just pick up your running shoes...

  3. You should confront him just to clear the doubt, while at it prepare to leave him fast. 5 yrs still dating in your 30s? Abeg run....

  4. Some men are just wicked and heartless. How can you date a lady for good five years knowing fully well that you're not going to settle with her? You only want to 'chop and clean mouth'. mtcheeeeew! Poster, my candid advice to you is that you end the relationship without further delay because it is obvious that he doesn't love you, but only loves your body.

  5. Dear 32 year old lady,

    Read #2 on this post -----> Personal Confessions of a Christian Single Lady

    Never assume you are his wife until it is official. Sorry about your latest discovery. You either stay with him and be sad for the rest of your life or you move for a better and happier life. The choice is yours.

    Meanwhile, keep this in mind: You should be treasured as a jewel because you are a woman.

  6. Dnt knw were to strt frm.... But to b hnst....

    Questions asked are half answered if not fully answered, yet dnt forgt a woman has d final say in any reltnships... Running wl not solve anythn... Wen u love truly u ask truly, fight truly, luv truly,... Am glad u decided to write out to hear wat ppl wil advc u to do but again....

    Follow ur heart... Dnt say ur age is an issue n u gt into a rush date n get dumpd... Sm1 u av dated for 5 years isn't a stranger to u any more....

    In igbo..'Ju o nya ajuju' n find out wats d broken link and fix it...

  7. Confront him about it. Keeping it away from him will only give you headaches nd sleepless nights. Good luck!

  8. Some people shaa. Aunty receive sense biko. 5 years isn't beans and it will be a shame if the guy is toying with you all these while. Oh God, save the ladies. Just ask him what are his plans about both of you, You'll get ur cue with his answer.

  9. Take the next available flight, biko. Before then expose his dirty ass. Let him know everything.
    It's not worth wasting your time

  10. Hmm...well I wil ask l you got to confront him if he doesn't give a good explanation go for some other person ...a beg

  11. Oh WoW.. This is sad eh! Now 5 years!! Thats relatively too long to be in a relationship with someone eh! My advice to the sister is simple.. Confront your Man not based on the Texts/Chat that you read.. But based on the fact that you want to know where you both are going.. I mean it would be sad that after 5 years you both split up... But think about it Nne.. Wouldn't it be more sad if after 8 years you split up! My point is the longer you stay in this relationship.. The more hurt you draw to yourself.. So incase you have the slightest hint that this man is not interested in settling.. Nne biko Gbawadoor and leave him.. You are still young and i am sure you are beauRRiful still... Please dont hold on to a canoe while you can get a speed boat. Cheers.

    P.S: This might not serve or be apt.. But biko blame me not.. all i am is but a 23 years 10 months and 16 days Young and utterly Confused Man :)

    1. **covers face... aha nah Nma... What I do?!


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