Friday, 7 August 2015

Be Inspired....

You shouldn’t be at the same place now as you were five years ago. If you’re still letting the same things upset you, the same people offend you, the same challenges steal your joy, this is a wake-up
call—it’s time for change. Joel Osteen ..

Hmmmmm watsup guys? What a beautiful way to start the weekend.. How did this week treat you?  Fine i guess!!!.

Trendy Living Blog is cooking up something and when it's fully cooked, will surely invite you guys to dine with me.. Lol
You see i was motivated by a post i read on and have been working on it since then.
The above quote by Joel Osteen also inspired me in all areas of my life including my blog.
Guess what? In the process of going about my desired change, I met a wonderful personality on the blogsphere, a professional endowed with a kind heart.
Nice people still exist you know.. Will talk more on this soon..

I am set for a change and i am determined to take the next positive step forward. I also urge everyone of us to do same..

Do take care and have a very beautiful weekend.
Love you all like kilode...

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  1. Glo see suspense ooo..please do quick and come amd download the gist for us and by rhe way everyone is trying to change for the better

  2. Issokay, we are waiting!!!!!!! Am in this serious standstill traffic to camp..

  3. We are all waiting...but don't make it too late plsss....

  4. We all desire CHANGE as nobody wants to remain at a particular spot for too long. We'll be waiting for what you have in store for us Glo. Best wishes

  5. We love you too like wetin sef... Do have a splendid weekend ahead too

  6. My plate and spoon is ready, so when you finish cooking it dish it out.
    Love you too.

  7. So gloria what is the long and short of this post?
    To be inspired. Lolz

    Have a wonderful weekend

  8. Drinking agbo jedi, so Dat my system will be cleansed while I await watz cooking. Enjoy ur weekend darl.

  9. HAve a blissful weekend too

    Thanks for this one

  10. I'd be right here waiting, sha do quick o. Nice post!!

  11. Thanks ever so much for this darling - have an amazing weekend nne

  12. Alright thank God I live in the same city as you.. dinner will be nice ma..

  13. Nice one. It's a season of new beginnings.


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