Monday, 31 August 2015

2015 Edition of YWLP(young Women Leadership Program).

So i just got this mail from a pretty blogger

If you are young, and you aspire to be a leader some day then, this post is for you.. I know the event it's going to be fun and educative. Please read and commence registration immediately.. 

Registration is also free... 

Dear CEO,

I just came across an interesting mentorship program for young women and I thought to let you know. This is a program aimed at grooming young women not older than 40 years who are interested in any form of Leadership, being in governance or becoming politicians at any level.

The program YOUNG WOMEN LEADERSHIP PROGRAM is hosted by one of Nigeria's premiere leadership development organsations, GOTNI and is funded by OXFAM Nigeria

I think an extra leadership mentorship will help young women in business too. Does anyone agree with me?

You can just nominate yourself or any other passionate young woman. 

To register for free you can click here for more details


  1. Nice one! Thanks.

  2. Nice initiative... its a good thing for our ladies to participate in government and to do that effectively, they actually needed a training

  3. Very good initiative! Empowering the women is empowering the nation.

    Rape! Rape! Rape! Every Where In Nigeria, Why?


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