Saturday, 11 July 2015

You And Your Braids.

Hello Lovelies,
How is your weekend going, who is attending an owambe today, who is relaxing at home? and who wants to visit the salon?
Yey if you are thinking of visiting the salon to get your hair braided?
Then this post is for you.

When next you are opting for braids, bear this in mind.

Consider different styling options

Braids are so diverse and you can rock different colours, textures and styles. Check out box braids, Marley twists, French braid, cornrows e.t.c, and get inspired.

Get the best of hair attachment

They are various types ranging from human hair, which looks the most natural, to the synthetic. The synthetic hair can be a smart choice financially but watch out for quality. There is also yarn braids, which looks great with thick twists and absorb product much better than synthetic hair. Make sure you scrutinise whatever hair you choose.

Consider your lifestyle
If you are super active in sports and other activities, braids might not be the best idea. Wear your hair in some cute cornrows instead.

Is your hair healthy?
Braids are great, but they definitely put strain on your hair. If your hair is weak and recovering from damage, steer clear of wearing long braids because your hair might experience some breakage.

Be mindful of tightness
If you notice that your beautician is braiding your hair too tightly, please don’t hesitate to let them know. Your comfort and the health of your hair should be a priority.

Braids are great for a low-maintenance or protective styling, but you still have to take care of it between washes and re-braids. Spritzing your hair with a moisturising, water-based spray every now and then, will keep your hair soft and prevent frizz.

Mositurise hair
Ensure that hair is properly moisturised and detangled before your braid is installed. You don’t want to get your hair braided when your hair is all tangled and dry. Healthy hair going into this process increases the chances of you maintaining that health when you take your braids out.

You won’t have to wash your hair often, but when you do, be careful. First, section off your hair to prevent friction. Gently apply shampoo directly to your scalp and rub it in with the pads of your fingers. Be gentle. This will be a struggle for ladies who are a little more heavy-handed.

How long can you wear your braid?
This differs for everyone, but make sure you only keep your hair in a braided style for not more than three months. Otherwise, you might suffer from breakage and weakness at the root of your scalp.

Guys you can always recommend this to your sisters *winks*.
Do have a fun filled weekend.


  1. You are telling them? They should make it tight nah ahahahahaha

    Thanks Gloria

  2. una too get wahala. lolz

    Immanuel Kish

  3. Thanks ever so much for these very useful tips - one of the major reason girls have receding hairlines is because of the technique of the hairdresser. These people end up pulling your hair so tight that it breaks and they give you a throbbing headache. My new hairdresser doesn't pull my hair tight but because of my experience in the past, I pull towards me as she braids

  4. Planning two change my style to skull, its more manageable.

  5. This post na for them lol!

    P.s. Boyode when you take your new look, send us images, lol.

  6. I can't even remember the last time I braided my hair. Chai! E don tey. Anyways,thanks for the wonderful tips Glo

  7. Thanks for the useful tips, Glo. Hope your weekend is going on fine?

  8. Suffering from dandruff recently. I don't understand.
    I don't know what's wrong with me recently, been flaring up at any small provocation. God help me

    1. @Bmf hehehe. But look for an anti-dandruff shampoo..kpele

    2. U r not alone on this dandruff issue gan, I don tire. I've used almost all d dandruff shampoo and cream, for wear. I'm missing my lovely Ghana weaving cos of dandruff, can do it. Abeg, e dey pain joor.
      I've been carrying braids now for 3 weeks but will soon loose it cos of d same dandruff. Mehn, I just tire.
      Anyways, someone recommended I apply lime wen washing my hair a week after retouching. You should try it too.

  9. Bola bebe take it easy ooo.

    Ewooooo my epistle disappeared ooo!! chai
    In summary braiding without letting my hair breathe( tiny/million braids o)back in school made my front hair magically disappear & nearly turned me to 'iyamileko'. Now we ( my hair & I) have a loving 'relationship'. I respect & treat my hair better & in turn my edges are making a 'comeback'.
    Hiya Gloria. Pls visit my blog...

  10. Thanks for these tips, I love braids!!

  11. Braids are not the best for me I fear. Quite painful no matter her 'soft' the hands making it might be! Nice tips anyways


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