Tuesday, 14 July 2015


I have been extremely happy since this week don't know why. Maybe am just grateful for life or just happy because it's my marriage anniversary week(don't expect a post on that though lol). 

Honestly being happy is the best gift you can give to yourself.. I wore a smile throughout yesterday and i got loads of compliment. 

Have you ever wondered why some of our photo look finer than others? It is because of that pleasant smile.
A smile changes the contour of our faces and accentuates our features.

Of all the things we wear, a smile is the most important.
A bright and healthy smile is one of greatest social assets anybody could have, especially in the creating first impressions.
This could also mean that in professional settings, a confident smile is what we need to get along with new and old colleagues or get that multi million naira contract signed..

Another reason to wear a smile is the proven health benefit. Smiling is a natural mood lifter and antidepressant. Those who smile more often have lower stress levels, better cardiovascular health and lower blood pressures. Just imagine that it takes 17 muscles to smile and 43 muscles to frown. Obviously, smiling is the healthier way to prevent wrinkles and fast ageing.

Above all, a smile that displays healthy teeth is the best. Nothing is more unattractive and disturbing than a set of offensive teeth jutting out every time we smile. Every human being started with good and healthy teeth, but how long they remain clean and healthy depends entirely on our own effort.

A pleasant smile that displays pleasant dentition is the best accessory anyone can flaunt.
If you however, got unpleasant dentition,It can be corrected all you need do is visit a good dentist (most of us hardly do this) and it's quite affordable.
It's important to get your gums and teeth rectified if it is within your power. Tooth loss caused by medical conditions like accident, or medications, can be replaced.  A dentist can also rectify the issue of stains on the teeth.

However, some dentitions are not properly aligned due to no fault of ours. Some people wear braces to correct them, while some people just let be. In such a situation, nothing should prevent a pleasant smile as long as the teeth are clean.

Ensure that your smile is genuine and reaches to your eyes. Nothing is a big turn off than a pretentious and false smile. It is only when your smile is genuine that it will reach the heart of others. False smiles often look artificial, and when you over-do it, may invite suspicion. However, a pretentious smile is still better than staring lolz.

When some people are too tired to give you a smile, please give them one of yours. None needs a smile as much as he who has no more to give. Any day we spend without a smile may turn out to be a vulnerable day. If you do not start out the day with a smile, it is not too late to start practising for tomorrow.

See my photos below maybe my smile can inspire you to find yours.

Muaaaaah to you all


  1. awww...see my glo glo's chubby cheeks like that of a baby..uve got a beautiful smile darlin..have a great day

  2. Infectious smile

    Happy Anniversary in adv.

  3. Am smilling! Ladies especially should wear smiles not make up to look good. You've always be my source of inspiration on a daily basis. you look good while smilling.

    1. Awwww thanks so much Uthman. I appreciate your contribution.

  4. Fine girl, better pikin..
    I smile a lot!!!

  5. Your smile is infectious, I smiled when I saw your pictures. Lolz
    Happy wedding anniversary

  6. Can I say you write beautifully and your smile is beautiful? Happy wedding anniversary in advance babe

  7. Thanks for mentioning that you need a clean healthy teeth for a beautiful smile. You are beautiful dearie. Happy wedding anniversary

  8. You have a captivating smile Glo. It's really good to put on a smile. Happy Anniversary, and wishing you many more to come

  9. I actually smiled when I saw your pictures.You've got an infectious smile..May this smile never go off your beautiful face. Happy Anniversary to u and hubby.May your love wax stronger as each day passes by

  10. Your smile made me slap frowning now oh, lol. It better to put up that inexpensive smile and get that expensive attention you always want.
    Nice reading from you, you always have nice piece to put up and give out.

  11. Smile while u still have those nice set of teeth ...

  12. I love your smile...nice teeth btw. And Happy Anniversary...

  13. Beautiful smiles you've got sweetie. . . it can brighten the saddest face. Can I crush on you a lil? Lol. I smile by default.

  14. Oh so beautiful! is your smile and the part of having to smile so long the teeth are clean.

  15. Happy anniversary, your smiles are one in a million

  16. Dang! You are fine... I don't trust pictures I see on the internet but u are finnnnneeEe

  17. Hiya Gloria... You do know that you sha haf a one million dollar smile dont you! **Winks.. Its Amazing Bubba... Just Amazing... That's what your smile is... That being said.... and the crowd goes.. Ooooooooooossssshhheeeey Turn uP! Where the paRRy at bikonu?! **Singing... We gonna paRRy hard.. We we.. Gonna PaRRy hard... **Wears cheeky smile... Happy 1 Year marriage Anniversary Bubba.. may this new year and the many many coming years bring you and yours all the joy, happiness and 24 hours plenRRy plenRRy steaming 'HOT' love that every family desires.. Biko Package and send to moi my own sharessss of the paRRy rice oh! It haf teyyy...

    This was quite and enlightening read Gloria.. Amazing I tell you...... Keep smiling Bubba.. Keep winning xx.

  18. Ahnan look at this fine woman. Teach us to be fine like you now

  19. You have got a really beautiful smile and face.. thanks for putting up such good post.

  20. Nice smile with beautiful face. Smiling helps bring a cheerful face with healthy heart


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