Thursday, 16 July 2015


A young kid came running to a Pharmacist.
She gave the Pharmacist a coin and asked him "Is this money worth buying Miracles?"
The Pharmacist kept looking on the crying Kid and asked her. "What are Miracles For?"
The Kid answered with tears; "The doctor
said that my Mum only needs MIRACLES to get Healed."

Are you looking for a miracle in any area of your life?
Is your health unstable even after spending almost all the money you have? have you tried within your power to achieve a certain goal and you still can't?
Beloved, God and only God is the custodian of miracles. Money can't buy miracles?
Allow HIM step into that situation HE stands at the door of that situation if only you can allow HIM come in and deal with your pains..
How i have long for certain things to happen fast in my life, some i tried on my own, others i tried with my resources. But how senseless have i been to want to help God in HIS duties..
(Eccl3:11a) was my wedding toast and it reads "He hath made everything beautiful in his time". How quick was i to forget that verse and try to help myself.
LORD, i leave all to you do what only YOU can do.. YOU are sure going to perfect all that concerns me..(Ps138:8).
I am forever grateful for blessing me with the gift of life and a peaceful home.
All glory honour and adoration be unto YOU.
Hurraaaay its my Wedding Anniversary.. (it's been 1,460 days of peace)


  1. Yayy! Happy Wedding Anniversary to you and hubby!

    Tonight's gon be a good night! *winks*

    1. If you don't blog tommorrow, we'll understand.

      The time is 10:23pm from here. Can I imagine what is happening already? lool.

  2. Miracles is what we always pray for in our lives...i pray we experience them in Jesus name.

    awww..happy anniversary to you and your hubby...wish you more peaceful years darling..the day is too long....night should do and come i want to sleep.*winkzz*

    1. Thanks love and sorry about your loss read it on your comment in another blog..

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Awwwww congrats darling....been trying to drop a comment since, the box just didn't pop up....

    Lmao@Amaka, I support the motion...All the best Gloria

    I felt for that little girl. At times we wish the money we have can even wake the Yorubas would say "Oju ti owo" meaning Shame on money!!!! Our miracles will not elude us in Jesus Name

    @Gloria no menu menu???

    1. Thanks ma trendy and highly creative sister. Menu hmmmm #scratcheshead

  4. Happy anniversary dear, you would live to celebrate more anniversaries. Amen

  5. Happy Wedding Anniversary Glory...May God continue to keep your home

    Nma's Blog 

  6. Happy Wedding Anniversary to you and guys have fun and do nawty things today.

    Many more beautiful years together.

  7. Happy Anniversary Glo. Many more beautiful years together.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Happy anniversary ma'am

  10. My God is still in the business of miracles, I've learnt to cast my burdens upon him why? My Bible says he cares.
    Happy wedding anniversary Gloria . May your marriage like old wine become sweeter each day, may those little foxes that spoils the vine never have access to your marital life in the name of Jesus!
    I cast every spirit of I wish I knew into the bottomless pit to the point of no return in Jesus name *my prayer warrior mode active, oya hold me oh*

  11. Awww Glo Glo, I'm so happy for you because these days, it's not easy to be married and still have a peaceful home at the same time. Happy Anniversary Girl

  12. Come get a hug dearie! Happy Married life. It's your 2nd anniversary I guess. May you both grow old on one pillow. That which is your heart desire, I decree before next anniversary, it shall come to pass. I join my faith with yours, there shall be shout of joy in your home soonest and you shall testify in Jesus name.

    Have a splendid night *winkwink *

  13. Miracles happen everyday and it happens based on the condition of your mind -faith that believe and faith that sees it coming.
    Happy marriage anniversary to you.

  14. Yeah I do believe in miracles and I can feel of coming very soon.

  15. The anniversary of love parcel me my champagne I don't settle for less ....
    Happy anniversary my dear

  16. Happy wedding anniversary to you sweetheart . Amennnnnn I believe in miracles dear

  17. I believe in miracles. HWA

  18. I believe in miracles. HWA


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