Thursday, 30 July 2015

They Just Want To Live And Eat..

Hello beautiful people how are you all doing? Thanks so much for your comments yesterday i appreciate you all..
@Okala of awww(coversface) i  am so sorry i didn't want to concentrate on entertainment niche was taking the footsteps of my nominator. Please forgive me..
So you all know a little more about me now.. *winks
Yes i am a very emotional person and i see it as a weakness that am currently working on.
Often times i have seen myself show pity on people even when it's not very convenient for me, i go out of my way to make sure i put a smile on someone's face. I am beginning to see that aspect of me as abnormal hence the need to address it.

I saw this article on facebook and i was really touched so decided to share..

Most times when we walk into big malls, boutiques, supermarkets, we never question their prices. We pay exactly what we see on the price tags and even hand out tips to the staff. But the moment we are out of these shops and want to buy banana, our bargaining game gets off to
the roof.
Poor widow with 12 hungry children at home tells you banana is N100. She even takes out her time to explain how difficult it was for her to even buy it, how the economy is so tough, how the fare she paid from buying point to selling point tripled because of the fuel situation. But we insist that if it's not N50, we are not paying.
Some of us even step back into our cars and make to drive away.
But because 'half bread is better chin chin', this woman is forced to call you back and sell to you at little or no gain.
In her heart, she cries, she's worried about how she'll survive with her children. She silently reassures herself that 'It's well. God will definitely provide.'' While you happily chop the luscious banana.
Take some seconds out and think about this, guys.
Please stop the hard bargains with small vendors like this. They do business not to buy designer bags, Gucci shoes but to LIVE and EAT!...

Just like i am also getting worried about Erniesha of don't know what's happening with her.

Have you read this to the end? Where you touched by it? What's your contribution(s)? Please hit the comment box let's rub minds together..

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  1. Glo you said it all...most times sef ive actually stopped bargaing with far as the price is not outrageous,i pay for it..there is so much lesson to learn from this

  2. True that. Give all you can when you can. This is a good one. Glo, thanks for bringing it here.

  3. Good thing you brought this up Glo...someone sent it to me on whatsapp a few day back and it got me thinking....

    I understand the point of view of the writer...I actually do not bargain with road side sellers especially if I know that what I am buying is worth the price.

    But I also looked at it from another angle...some of these roadside sellers are thieves in disguise...they make other good ones look bad, I mean they will extort you of your money if you are not good at bargaining by adding x2 of the profit sef, so sometime I donot blame people who cut down prices of what they want to get my point?

    and yes! I just did a post on the Versatile Blogger Award...thanks again.

  4. This is so true @Glo...just that I ain't even good at bargaining.

    And yea, don't know what is happening with Erniesha, haven't been able to open her blog for days now
    Nma's Blog 

  5. well, i have read it before too and its so true, i pray people change for better

  6. This is a very good observation. Besides, I have done a post on the versatile blogger award. You can check it out HERE

  7. "In her heart, she cries, she's worried about how she'll survive with her children. She silently reassures herself that 'It's well. God will definitely provide.".

    That line broke my heart Gloria.. There's a lot of things i wish i can do... But I cant.. People are Hungry.. People are Dying.. People are Starving.. People are Abandoning Kids by Orphanage doors all cause the Condom Broke.. Or cause of the gender of the Child. Life is one kain Baby mi! Hence it is such that makes me grateful for the little that i get...

    The picSHur of a particular child comes to my head right about now.. She sits at the street corner.. Positioned to beg.. But in her heart she is just a Child.. hence she plays with her gesticulations.. But she is none the less forced by her Guardians to sit there.. Even in the Sun.. maybe in the rain too... If we can help one more person Gloria... Then shall we do so now?! Or shall we keep postponing till the Tomorrow that might never come?!

    1. finaly dis dude comments wifout ooshey!!!!! nyc post btw

      Read this hilarious piece… CLICK HOW TO REALLY LOSE A GUY IN TEN DAYS

    2. Hehehehhehehehehhe lmao... You ehn Favor... God is watching you on CCTV and Skype oh!! Lmao... Thank you for always making me smile eh!!! You Rock Bae...

    3. Never knew Duru can write like this.. # tongueout . plus thanks dude its always a blessing having you here...

  8. This Post really touched me!
    Don't really knw what to say; "buht we all have to change our attitudes, we all have one or twice been a victim of this, we all have to adjust"
    #Thanks for this post Gloria!

  9. Me I just buy without bargaining...

  10. Tibs is fine. Thanks.
    My roommate during nysc ran a small business. The few days we go to market, if you see the way she'll be pricing and I'll be like if it's your goods, will you be happy??
    God help us

    1. Thank God. Did you hear from her? I mean Tibs.

  11. Ok Gloria we are good...

    Guilty as charged....that's life as it is ...

  12. I hardly bargain with those people. Sometimes they are not nice sef, you want to buy something from them and they put up attitude.

  13. @BMF correct babe veryyy true. I think it's frustration at times

    @Glo, we know it's supermarket and we can't price and for those outside, thatz the trend, they will add money cos they know you will still price. If it doesn't pay you then don't sell. But understand where you are going .its just ironic sha. But in all, attitude matters. These market women too can like to give preference to car owners not knowing that na them dey price pass. We leg owners go come dey wait make dem attend to car owner wey wan buy 50naira boli ahahahahahhaha

    Don't worry, we will stop pricing from those roadside sellers but they too should be nice and stop preaching to us the amount they bought the raw materials


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