Saturday, 11 July 2015

The Fake Doctor's Saga..

I know most of you must have heard of the man(pictured above) that impersonated as a doctor for 19 years? Now when i heard of this news, i initially thought it was a nollywood drama. I mean what the hell is happening in this country?
One can't begin to imagine how many things must have gone wrong in these 19 whole years that this imposter have been acting as a medical doctor.
Now they will say go to the hospital if you are sick. How sure are we that we aren't going to end up with a fake doctor. A situation where we no longer trust the prescription been given to us, the universities are filled with fake students who pretend to be students yet they have no departments, the ministries are filled with ghost workers, the streets filled with area boys, the church with fake prophets,and even families filled with baby mamas. Hmmmmm this hustle is real men.

Read the Fake Doctor's story as culled from punch newspaper below...

The fake doctor who practised with his friend's ID for 19 years was yesterday paraded in Abuja and the Federal Government has ordered that he returns all the money he earned for nine years to the pocket of the FG.

The FG has ordered the Departments of Finance and Accounts and Human Resources to do a thorough computation of what he had earned for nine years with a view to ensuring that he returns the money to the government’s coffers.

“The ministry is currently computing all salaries and allowances which was accrued to Ugwu during his mischievous sojourn in the ministry, for full retrieval by the relevant law enforcement agencies,” the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Mr. Linus Awute, said.
Awute also said that since the fake doctor assumed duty at the Health ministry, he had passed only one promotion examination in 2013, which placed him on Grade Level 13 from Grade Level 12.

Ugwu was due to be promoted as Assistant Director in the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control, a parastatal of the Federal Ministry of Health, before he was exposed.

Awute stated this on Wednesday in Abuja where the owner of the certificate, Dr. George Davidson Daniel, called on security agencies to protect him because his life was being threatened.

He also noted that Ugwu had collaborators in the ministry, adding that based on this, “we have sent another petition to the police to interview him to name his sponsors.”

The PS also emphasised that the ministry did not employ any of its members of staff directly, but through the Federal Civil Service Commission which has the statutory powers to do so.

Awute said, “Mr. Martins Ugwu Okpeh, who hails from Ogbadibo Local Government Area of Benue State, got himself employed fraudulently using the stolen documents of his childhood friend and best man, Dr. George Davidson Daniel, who has offered to appear at this press briefing to clear his name. Martins Ugwu was offered an appointment by the FCSC on August 30, 2006 and was posted to the Federal Ministry of Health in September same year.

“The surprising thing about Ugwu’s appointment is that he applied for the job on October 10, 2006. He was subsequently offered the job on October 17, 2006 and he applied for an identity card on the 19 of the same month.”

Contrary to the civil service regulations, controversial Martins Ugwu, who has been working since 2006 in the Ministry of Health using the name, Dr. George Davidson Daniel, was offered a job just a week after he submitted his application for employment.

My question is do you guys think his friend or immediate family did not know of this?
May God help us all...


  1. Of course he must have accomplices its hard covering such thing without having someone watching your back ...

  2. did this guy pull this off..he has powerful handlers who must be brought to the light

  3. @glowy same thing I have been wondering oooo

    Fake license? For that long? Too bad...He surely didn't pull through alone

  4. This guy is good. Real Artful Dodger.

  5. Of course! There's no how his family couldn't have been aware of the fake certificate he was working with. This can only happen in Naija

  6. Funniest Gloria, it possible nobody knows about it. He can even go back to school All this while and achieve whatever he wants to achieve.

  7. We all know there is a serious problem in this country...everything is just been fake. Fake products, Nigerians call it China, or Alaba, fake certificates we call it Oluwole, but recently we had a fake police officer, fake INEC staff and now its a fake medical personnel.

    Who knows how many fake lawyers we have in circulation, fake accountant and fake engineers. with all these we still expect Nigeria to grow like China. Am scared .

    Uthman Saheed's blog

  8. This story was quite appalling when I first saw it, how did he go undetected all these years, well that's Naija for you


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