Monday, 20 July 2015

The Expensive "Talk"...

Good Monday Morning you all.
I am so sorry guys for MIA without any notice #coversface. Please bear with me.
Hope you guys are enjoying your hols?  To all our muslim brothers and sisters happy Eid celebration once more.
So let's hear Alice's story.

As i stood in front of my house, I watched him leave I felt horrible. What happened? Wasn't this the answer to my prayers?
Why am i being a coward and allowing him leave my sight?

Andrew is a worker in our church a very dedicated one at that and he had volunteered to come all the way to my house in the outskirts of the town.
Why is he going through all the stress. My house is very far. He should have allowed me go through the stress. After all, I was the one in need. I was the one who needed the money.
My schools convocation was to take place the next week. I am yet to begin my final clearance where all my mate have longed finished theirs.
"I will give you the money," Andrew offered, "and then we will have to sit down and talk."
Sit down and talk? Talk about what? I wish life is always easy, I wish we always have whatever we wanted at every point in life.
N30,000 is a large sum of money i know but why the "talk" ? He has willing offered to give me the money after hearing my story.
I knew that this special "talk" was going to
be very expensive. But I had to wait for the "talk".

No one in my family could raise such money at that time. My father died many years ago leaving my mum to cater for 6 children all alone. My mum didn't have the money at that time.
Andrew a very dedicated born again christain, should be able to"talk" sense.
One hour later, he was standing in front of my house. It didn't take him long to locate the place. We had a very comfortable veranda, laced with flowers, and a constant flow of fresh air. So i preferred we sit there for our talk.
"My dear, we need to go into your bedroom so that we can "talk" properly, and then I will give you the money," he said
bracingly. "In fact, I have N20,000 cash here, and after our talk, I can arrange the remaining N10,000."

My heart jumped. I couldn't believed what i just heard even you a Christian?
You that I was hoping could be an example of purity? So even you want to "talk" this kind of "talk"?
"Brother" Andrew  I started slowly, hoping he will remember the title we call him in the fellowship, "Let's talk outside here
na. There is enough space for all the talk."
"Well, you are not serious, Sister Mabel," he responded in a tone that sounded harsh.
"I can see that you don't want us to talk. Well, when you are ready, you can call me!"
And I watched my N30,000 walk away, leaving me with an emptiness that made me instantly hungry.

Every bone in me screamed to call him back. He was our music director in our church. He was a cute brother no doubt and still single.
I am broke and single too but not stupid.
I have a head that sits upon my emotions.
I am not going to allow my feelings determine my focus.
With tears in my eyes, pain in my soul, but boldness in my spirit, I allowed Andrew
to walk away.

I would have shed no tear if I knew that God has something better for me the next day.
In 24 hours, my mother called me and said, "Your Uncle has dropped N35,000 for your clearance come take am o, before i spend am o! E bring the money since yesterday, come and collect it i now o!

Suddenly, it dawned on me..... I would have exchanged my body for this same money, I would have lost my dignity?
Unknown to me that God had already provided it?
Alas! What would I have said if I had slept with Andrew only to get my uncle's message the next day?

May God always give us wisdom to handle every situation we found ourselves..


  1. You're forgiven Glo! Back to the matter on ground, the morale lesson I learnt from this story is that it is always good for us to be patient in life. She would have just lost her dignity if she had accepted that N30,000 offer

  2. Great story. Patience is a virtue as well as a skill we must learn if we want to achieve greatness. Thanks for sharing, sweet Glo.

  3. Wow!!
    Many of these so called Christian brothers are wolves in sheep's clothing. May God give us discerning spirit always.

  4. ThankGod she didn't yield...the devil is in the business of presenting counterfeit of the blessings God is about sending our way, just to make sure we derail.
    Nma's Blog 

  5. yesoo, God is ever present and ever hearing and ever faithful. He wont give us a burden too heavy to carry. God's grace is all we need to forge ahead in this evil world. Thanks sis for this piece. As for that brother whatever his name is, God be the judge. All these men trying to take advantage of any little opportunity, God judge them all.

  6. This is serious. That someone is a music director in the church does not make him a saint, so don't be suprise. He has to be emotionally loyal to someone and he has just done that to you, just that he did it in a wrongful manner and comes with serious temptation.

    As a lady, no matter what don't compromise your dignity even though your uncle will not send it. You should not have even given it a second thought.

    Gloria thanks for bringing us this...u are always a moral tutor.

    Check:My Lover's Trick

  7. You can say that to the wind to our money conscious ladies.
    That's why I don't trust all these do called Christian brothers, they are terrible.

    Welcome back from your honeymoon trip.

  8. Amen. God's time is always the best

  9. Patience is a virtue we really must learn...many girls nowadays loose their pride ova stuffs like this..this is really an encouraging post glo

  10. God is never late. Sometimes things might seem to be delayed but He's always on time. Glory!

  11. Patience....patience.... God's plans for us are good...and not evil. Nice


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