Wednesday, 1 July 2015


Happy new month folks.
May this month deliver to us all our heart desires. May July treat us better than June.. Amen

Well, this ongoing BVN registration inspired this post.
Shuooo who have been to the bank lately? The crowd ehen is not funny o thank God the date has been extended till October 31st but i tell you many people will still not register same way many do not have their voters card(PVC) till date. (i think some people need cooperate deliverance sha).

As a way to inspire us this month, I want us to talk about Procrastination.

Procrastination, I have come to discover, it's a trap we have all have fallen into at one point or another especially if we are really occupied with a lot of important tasks and activities.

Procrastination is simply leaving something till the last minute before it is done.
For instance you have a project that is due in a week, this project needs a lot of work and as usual you have not started. As the days go on, you start to realize that that there is only two days left and that you had been very busy in the past days with other important commitments too. So now, you have to cram everything into these two nights and you expect to get excellent results?
Nope! goal getters don't achieve their goals that way.

This last minute approach does not sound promising at all. See what's happening with the BVN registration now. Many people had time to get theirs done before now but mmba procrastination will not allow them. Please lovelies, as we begin this new month, we need to start learning from our mistakes and try as much as possible to stop procrastinating and start acting.

These three things will help us if we must stop procrastination.

1. Always Plan Ahead Of Time

This is one of the common reasons why we fall into the mistake of procrastination; we simply do not make plans ahead.
A lot of people think they do not have time everyday to spare to do that assignment that you have been planning to achieve.

However, this is the idea you get when you look at your day and the activities you have to accomplish without any planning. I am not saying we are not busy, but you will be shocked to find and realize that if you plan things out well and ahead of time, you will find time to spare.

2.  Divide Or Break Down Your Tasks.

Have you ever been in a situation where you have a large task at hand and just persuade yourself to leave it until the last moment? (it happens to most of us).
Procrastination can be the common result of having a big task or activity to perform, but thinking of it to be a whole lot of hard work.
A good strategy to use in such a case would be to divide up that large assignment or project into smaller jobs. What this will do is create a good impression that you a fewer thing to complete that it will take less time thereby facilitating the large task that you need to get done.

3.  Look For A More Friendly Environment.

This may sound weird but take a look at your work space (office), or room (i do this alot). Do they make you feel like you want to work hard and achieve great results, or do they make you feel like you want to sleep and not do nothing at all? If they make you want to slack off then change your environment. This can help prevent procrastination and induce more work by inspiring you.

In conclusion, a lot of us faces procrastination during our studies or work but what makes you different is finding the right source or atmosphere that will help you overcome this hurdle and jump over it. So start acting and prevent procrastination.

As we begin this month and the second half of the year, there's still a lot to be achieved. We still have 6 full months filled with so many opportunities let us not wait till the last minute before we get things done, let's start acting now and you will be amazed how much you can achieve with these remaining months of 2015.

From this July, Will be spicing things up a bit in this blog. So please if you have any suggestions on what to add or subtract, my email is at the bottom of this post. Thanks for your anticipated cooperation. (Chai i remember those days of application writing lolz)

What have I missed?
Please add your comments below!

Love you all like kilode.


  1. "love you all like kilode" That was all I read in this post. Lol. I'm sorry. It's all about love for me today. :)

    Love right back sweetie. Happy New Month!

  2. HappyNewMonth to you too dear

    Procrastination kills menh....Am a living witness. God help us to get it right in this new month

  3. Happy new month to everyone..procastination is really a thief of time...we are sll guilty of it

  4. Happy new month dear! I used to be queen of procrastination but now I've been demoted to gatekeeper. Progress right? Lol

    Molola's Blog

    1. Mo you won't kill somebody with laugh o. Yeah that's a biggggg progress..

  5. Happy New Month to everyone...My middle name is Procrastination. May God deliver me as I welcome this awesome month

  6. Thanks for this awesome post, Glo. There is no doubt that July will be better than June. Happy new month sweetie

  7. I am trying to overcome it. At least most of my set goals in 2015 been trying to achieve some. God help me

    Happy new month dearies

  8. It's my birth month oh #15.
    Ive done my BVN since March but I don't have PVC because I'm temporarily resident in Sokoto. Hey it's my POP today!!!

    1. Wow double celebration. Congrats love wish you the best..

  9. Hmmn procrastination is always at arms length around me. But am seriously trying to murder it out of my life..

  10. Procrastination is a Weakness and I am a Living Witness. Not BVN Related Issues tho.


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