Friday, 31 July 2015


Hello lovelies. How are you all doing? How has July been so far? Where some of your goals accomplished? Are you still contemplating giving up on that dream? As a blogger are you frustrated that the traffic is not coming and the monetary aspect is zero hence you no longer have passion for doing what you once loved doing? Well i have a word for us today.

Every person in life has a dream, a goal of his life. These dreams are what make us do what we are doing, the working hard, the education, the waking up early and sleeping late, its all because we have a dream.
We have to fight for what we believe in, we have to believe in us first (our dreams) before expecting others to believe in us.

In the pursuit of your dream, the easiest way to quit and not go until the end it's when you stop believing in yourself and let others define your existence.
Because the path is difficult doesn't mean it won't be achievable.. Most of us detest  inconveniences we want everything to be easy and at once but hey!!! life has got two phases you know.

Constant complaining make us loose focus and give room for those dreams to dies, and our goals seems unreachable and that is the point where life becomes a routine without depth and meaning.
Then we become full of despair and anger for our own helplessness. But you need to remember that for your life to indeed have a meaning, you should never give up, fight the good fight of faith. It doesn’t matter that you have lost one battle and even dozens of battles. Life goes on! Your biggest enemies are hiding in you (laziness, fear, doubt, indecision).

As we begin the month of August in few hours time, be a warrior of your dream, a knight of your goal and a soldier of your wishes. Do not let the opinion of others define what you believe in.
Good luck and keep keeping on.
Your dreams will surely become reality.

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  1. I appreciate your positive thoughts, and best wishes in the new month ahead!

  2. Nice read. Thanks for the words of encouragement and wish u the very best as the month of August approaches.

  3. Thanks for the words of encouragement Glo. July has been wonderful, and I trust August to be better. It's FORWARD ever and BACKWARD never

  4. Amen. This should atleast keep one going....we will definately make it someday!!!!!

  5. this is is really a great post...sometimes Glo its hard ooo...but passion keeps one going... have a great weekend boo

  6. Am touched...I was watching a film when i started to read this post, but honestly I had to pursed it, just for the message to go down well.

    I don't give up when am tired, I only rest after I might achieved my goal...that's me.


  7. July so far. ..wasn't an easy month but Glory be to God I scaled through.
    My birth month is here

  8. July wasn't so easy but thank God am still on guard ....

  9. Very inspiring, as always. So I put up the nominees and seven things about myself post , you are duly notified as requested ma, *insert salute* lol.

  10. Our biggest enemies hides in us... and what do we do to enemies; we defeat them. And so you kinda set a focus for me this new month of August.

    August - my month of grand success over my enemies.

    Thanks for those inspiring words.

  11. Happy new month, sweetie. God will make everything new and beautiful for you IJN. Amen. :)

  12. Happy new month

  13. Get ur dreams in real movies you watch n react to...

  14. Thanks dear for this and a happy new month to u.

  15. And yes, this is what we want to hear now! Life could be frustrating at times but he that will endure till the end will be happy. July was great.
    Looking forward to a fruitful August.
    Happy new month to you and all readers in here!

  16. I am always inspired by your positive, personal growth posts! Another sage and wonderful message! T.

  17. Always very inspiring! Thanks for this!


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