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Guest Post ::My University Certificate (pt2)....

Hello cuties, hope you guys had a restful weekend? Awwww it's tuesday already? Wish us all a stressless week.
Today am bringing us the concluding part of 'My University Certificate" 
Enjoy reading ....
When the whole thing was over
And I decided to waste no time in taking cover with the labour market’s prospects,
I didn’t know searching for a job was like studying O’level subjects.
I was under the impression Naija had a job for me Upon graduation, and that I wouldn’t offer anybody a plea…
But it was all wishful thinking;
And I had another think coming!
I desperately needed a job and a boss…
But I could as well have stayed back in my father’s house.
I have nothing to show for the years of pains i endured in the university. No, no gains.
I have been surviving with the support from friends and families.
I have been eating crumbs and listening to homilies i have been hunting for a job from Monday to Saturday i even go out on a job hunt every Sunday!
The companies that advertised for vacancies told me they needed candidates that had experiences ranging from five to ten years.
But I was only fresh from college and going on borrowed wears.
Do you think I will ever get a job? I have my doubts…
But I could as well have stayed back in my father’s house.
I ran into one of my friends the other day.
I can’t remember now, but I think it was in May. Anyway, he told me he was now working with Shell. I was very happy for him and consequently wished him well.
He had graduated with a Third Class.
He had poor eyesight and always wore an eyeglass.
I remembered then that his sexagenarian father worked in Chevron; But that was before he embezzled some money and went on the run. He was accepted in Shell and began working with a computer that had a mouse…
But I could as well have stayed back in my father’s house.
I went with Oko to see if his father could be able to give me a job; as an able and capable young man: who is determined and persistent.
But the chief told me the job I wanted was non existent; That the post for me had not been created: so that I was unemployable.
I knew every human being was beggable
And did not waste time in reducing my height before him.
He told me to stand up; as he was still contemplating. But the chief, who is a thief, wanted me to die first before giving me a job to quench my thirst.
I would have asked him many “hows?”…
But I could as well have stayed back in my father’s house.
Oko’s father is not only a thief, he’s also a liar. He wanted me to give him one million naira when he had money and many cars and I didn’t own even a tyre.
So, how on earth does he expect me to get the money? To forfeit my three month’s salary! Imagine, because he had a mouth of honey.
This was the condition I was to meet
If I needed a job and wanted him to see to it. I was stupefied and said many incoherent “aws!”...
But I could as well have stayed back in my father’s house.
It’s now five years I graduated without work. I’ve done many things to feed: I even have to hawk, right now I don’t think I can still trust my sanity.
Imagine my condition, and I had to give all to my society. Many of my friends now cross the street on seeing me. They don’t want us to again meet…
Everyone is now impatient with me and my plight…
They say my University certificate is useless and can’t even bite.
Many of them took to armed robbery─ because of unemployment─
And they want me to join them and snap out of my predicament.
I would have liked to but I fear the hangman’s noose…
Yes, though I sometimes become impulsive, I don’t have a nut loose.
I may be unemployed now, but my certificate will be useful to me someday…
And I couldn’t have stayed back in my father’s house come what may.
Nigeria government please make job creation a top priority. The things graduate go through looking for jobs is so disheartening. Not after the hustle and jacking while in the University...
Wish you all a productive week.


  1. Yes, unemployment and underemployment is a huge, huge problem in Nigeria. It's disheartening to see the huge number of unemployed graduates. It's easy to scream self employment and learn a skill but it doesn't work for everyone . I say, work at a white collar job if it's what you want but if possible find your passion and develop that as well.
    May the good Lord give us leaders with genuine love of God and neighbour in their hearts, Amen.

    Gloria, you've a lovely blog and thanks for stopping by mine.

    Kindly visit my blog

  2. The rate of unemployment in theis country is high...God should just help us..sometimes it makes one have a rethink on the essense of going to school sef mstweeh

  3. Nigeria can frustrate your talent eh! Many people don't want to retire in order to pave way for others

  4. Eyah...
    Go to school they said. So that you can be a better someone they said.


  5. This is my prayer: "Lord, open my eyes to see the wealth in my hands."

    God has given us the power to make wealth. Youths should be thinking about creating jobs and not seeking for jobs. God help us!

    Me, I will build a company. (I speak as a little daughter of a BIG God!)

  6. Awwwwww I almost forgot about this post...

    We need to encourage ourselves to be self starters with the way Nigeria is going

  7. The challenges of Nigerian undergraduates. We are still expecting 'CHANGE'.
    I wish you success in the labour market.

  8. Honestly, the high rate of unemployment in Nigeria has contributed so much to the high rate of crime. May God see us through

  9. Schooling in Nigerian Universities is tougher that hustling for money on the streets itself.
    The Lord will guide you through

  10. I still believe the job is out there, if old folks just agree to retire

  11. The govt should look into this umemployment rate already. Imagine a 3rd class student working in an oil coy while a 1st class student works ina coy where he is being paid a token.

    God bless Naija

  12. i refuse to be bother about job! i rather look for clients that will refer me and its working for me tho.tired of sharing cvs around like a vendor

  13. Hmmmm, it's well.

  14. Hmmn.. not wrong to hawk but as a graduate, I feel you shouldn't have to hawk for long, improvise with the little you have to do something better.

  15. When I hear stories from my dad about his uni days n how good jobs littered d streets,I wonder if its d same Naija...Nice post..pls visit

  16. We should stop looking up to government to solve the unemployment ish. We should start looking within. What can I do? What am I passionate about? What would I love to spend the rest of my life doing? When we've answered those questions and are focused on it, even if we need to take a menial job somewhere, we have a goal and success is sure. Poverty starts from the mind. America and these wealthy countries are run by private economies not necessarily the government.


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