Friday, 3 July 2015


(singing) this is the day i've been waiting for, this is the day, this is day, this is day I've been waiting, this is the weekend i seek..
How many of you sang with me?

Helloooo Lovelies,

It's another friday, another opportunity to learn, to rest, to party, to tidy the house etc. It's amazing how so many things are tied to these 2 days. I wish Monday will chose not to come early this time.. Lol

So it's time for another Lesson Of The Week and this is how the story goes..

A blind girl was selling apples at the airport,and suddenly there was a rush to enter a plain because it was to take off in few minutes time, and in the process,this blind girl's apples which she was selling was thrown away, then she wanted to feel the apples where she kept them, but she discovered that they were on the floor.

so she started picking them on the floor,she couldn't gather all, but a young man who was also hurrying to the plane saw her and passed, when he got to the front of the plane, about to enter, he turned back to help the blind girl pick her apples and even sold everything for the blind girl  then, he went back and saw that the plane had already gone, so he went back to the girl.

The girl said "please sir,can I ask you a question",the man replied "go on". and she said "are you JESUS?"

He said "no,why do you ask",and she said "while the apples were on the ground, I told JESUS to come and help me pick them up".

Lovelies, i came today with a message of love,who on earth have you shown love to? What have you done for people around you? There are people waiting for you to show love to them before they can be saved. Generations are crying out to you today to show love to one person so that they can be saved.

Child of God one part of love that can never be neglected is the part of giving.

You make a living by what you get but you make a life by what you give.

You are not really successful until you can do something for somebody who cannot pay you back, your time, your words, your money, your heart can save a life, a destiny, a vision and even a generation.

God gave his only begoten son for you and I because of love so weather you like it or not someone needs you and you need somebody, think about it.

Want to thank you all who have so far sent in stories.. I appreciation you(in Jenifa's voice). If you have any story you would want to share please don't hesitate to forward such to my mail box.

Have a fab weekend you all.


  1. This story is filled with lessons.. I pray God gives us such love in our heart..glo glo have that love for me and get a CL pumps for just preached now ooo

  2. Awwwwww I felt for the girl "please sir, are you Jesus"

    People tend to appreciate little things more cos it means a lot to them. We shouldn't see ourselves helping people in a big way, little matters

    Glo, the lessons are noted!!!! Tanx

    Do have a wonderful weekend ahead

  3. I pray God gives me the heart to continue to do good!

  4. Blessed is the hand that giveth than the one that taketh .... Every body got a story ... I prey God bless me more to bless people around me ...

  5. Just when I was thinking of turning things around...Oh well, I guess this message was for me. Lovely post mami.

    Have a beautiful weekend...

  6. ''You are not really successful until you can do something for somebody who cannot pay you back..........''
    I love these quotes. Thanks for sharing ma''am

  7. Glo, you always have a way of inspiring me daily with your posts. Well done sweetie

  8. Chai the Amebo in me was thinking it would turn out that after missing his flight cos he helped the blind girl, the same airplane was later reported to have crashed. *slaps self*

    Nice one Glo
    Nma's Blog 

  9. awwww! such a lovely story but you didnt tell us what happened to man afterward.lolz

    have a lovely weekend dearie


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