Saturday, 4 July 2015

How Big Is Your Failure?

Hi lovelies it's Sunday again. How are you all doing?
Thanks to you all who read Tricia's story yesterday and commented may your blessings be double double. Amen.

By the way you all guess whose voice i heard 2 days ago? Barr.Bola of Bmf ofcourse. Now for all Trendy family who don't know, Bola is my boss and she blogs here please check her out.

I do hope the lines below inspires us as we start this new week.

Read on...

Everybody fails. The winners are just the ones that keep getting back up again!

Really, the only way to be a loser is to fail and quit ; or fail and not learn from it,  or fail and not look beyond it, or fail and let it define you as a failure.

I have come to believe that life is 10% of what happens to us and 90% of how we respond to it.(so true).

Personally, i have failed many times but i never let those failures define me. I never allow my attitude to slide because a great man once said, that "the most important decision you will make every day is your choice of an attitude".
It then means our attitude is the string that either keeps us going or cripple our progress.

Do you feel like a failure? Would you like to break out of your negative thinking patterns?

Then use your strength, utilize your best skills and strengths and then learn to bounce back again no matter how many times you fall down, get up and start over..
"Ninety percent of all those who fail are not actually defeated. They simply quit. " Paul J. Meyer.
(all words in Amaka's voice).

Do have a blessed day of worship.


  1. This piece is very encouraging... Happy sunday to everyone.. Am off to church

  2. You are not really a failure until you give up trying

  3. "Everybody fails. The winners are just the ones that keep getting back up again!"

    I like this
    yipeee thanks for the mention babe
    happy sunday to all the trendy readers

  4. Happy Sunday dear. Love this piece. It's only wen u fall and stay there, then it is called failure.

  5. Being a failure simple means failing to get right up after a downfall. Anyone who never accepts defeat and hence,gets back on his feet ain't a failure. I think I am the latter *shines teeth

    Nma's Blog 

  6. So inspiring! But often time, its always difficult to get up and continue most especially when everything completely look impossible. Happy weekend.

  7. Its easy for some people to say when you fail, you should look forward to succeeding.Failure will def be like a setback for that moment..

    Well I try as much as I can not to see failure as an option....but if it comes, so be it......

  8. So inspiring! Failure is not final.
    There are times when our best don't put us in the limelight and we tend to quit and give out our near-best abilities. Overcoming this demands a self determination to keep moving!

    Happy sunday and happy new week!

  9. Sweet Glo, this is so inspring. Thank you! Someone said: "everyday might not be good but there is something good in everyday."

    Wait o, am I the Amaka you referred to up there? Ha!

  10. Nice you have to succeed in order to succeed or fail in order to succeed either way, failure is not an option.

  11. When you're tagged a failure, it means you have finally given up on yourself. Thanks for this inspirational piece dear

  12. Simply life as it is ...nice failure don't define us ....


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