Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Control Your Thoughts.

Hi TLB Nation,
How are you all doing?  It's midweek already and another great day, another opportunity to influence, to impact, touch a life positively and another day to put a smile on someone's face.

As we go about our various activities today, it's not enough to speak positively but it is also important that we think positively too because when you entertain certain thoughts in the privacy of your mind, those thoughts are likely to control your actions.
You may say "it's just a mere thought". Dearie there's no such thing as a mere thought because you become whatever you meditate on..
(Proverbs 23:7) "for as he thinketh in his heart, so is he ".

When evil sets out to bring a person down, it doesn't start with an act; it starts with a thought.
What you continuously dwell on will eventually be what you become. It is important therefore that we think upon positive things.

A thought left to ramble through your mind, can attach itself to a weakness or an event in your past and feed on it..
The stronger your thoughts the more power it has over you this is why we sometimes wonder why we aren't achieving good results yet despite the effort we are putting into that project, it is simply because most times our thoughts differs from our actions.

So let your thoughts be positive and you will see your actions yielding positive results..
Have a blessed day you all...


  1. Mami, if only our thoughts could be heard....I think I would be in hell right now mehn....Lawdarmercy! Hows mi lovely Gloria doing?? Muah!

  2. Good read. Our hearts should always dwell on positive thoughts because as a man thinketh, so he is. Your tomorrow is a product of your thoughts which sometimes grow into actions...

  3. Positive thoughts all the can be hard at 1st but we should always think positive. Nice write up dear

  4. Its great to be able to control one's thoughts, hard to do most times but nevertheless achievable with strong will.

  5. Well said, Glo. Positive thoughts certainly will yield positive results

  6. Lovely article. The word ' Positivity' turns me on. Lol. Thanks, glo.

  7. Very wellsaid.....Positivity all the way!!!

  8. Nice Read ma'am. It is good to be positive minded.

  9. Very good post.. It pays to have a positive thought..i was a victim of this yesterday but am feeling better now

  10. Thanks dear for this piece. #team positivity.

  11. Awesome we are what we think ... Thanks for. Sharing..

  12. Controlling my thought to think positive at all times; that's what I will strive to do hence... so help me God.

  13. Nice piece. Thanks 4 sharing.

  14. on point

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  16. Insightful as always .I personally could do with a bit more positive thinking.

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  17. Any negative minded human being will find it difficult to achieve anything positive....Been positive is possibility.

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  18. So true, even with my deteriorating health,I believe I am fine

  19. nice concept, good share and i believe positive thinking matters alot

  20. Glo, what's happening? been checking since yesterday til this morning. Please come back with a POSITIVE story ooo *rme* miss ya!


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