Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Tips On How To Find Your Own Fashion Style.

According to the best fashion consultants, the important thing is to know yourself and get clothes that fit your lifestyle. In fact, everyone has a personal style based on choices and tastes.

According to some experts who study human behavior, dress up has more to do with self-esteem and self-knowledge than with fashion knowledge. With some simple exercises like looking at yourself in an analytical way, you can build an authentic style and a plan of action to put into practice every day in the mirror.

How to find your own style.

The most important is to know who you are. Everyone has style. The food we choose to eat, where to live, who your friends are, what is your weekend program, your chosen profession. These choices may be carried personality to communicate via a specific look. For these options to become a tool in your wardrobe, you need to know and understand yourself. Knowing your body, what to value, what to disguise. Besides that, what you want to feel with a particular outfit? You need to adjust and refine the priorities of your life.

How not to be influenced by trends around us.

You need to know what you want. For example, black and white are strong trends in the winter. If a person likes to use colors, you need to understand that this trend is not for you and will make you unhappy. We should not be influenced when we know what is important to us.

Different stages of life interfere with your style.

People want to dress according to the changes in their lives, like a wedding, a new hobby, new career or children…
All of these examples involve a new wardrobe. To begin new phases, people look for or even require a different style to make sense of their lives.

What’s the biggest mistake people do when buying clothes?

One of them is not knowing your own wardrobe and not shopping in a rational way, thinking of pieces that can be combined. Before you bring an outfit home, you need to think about three others, in your closet, that will match the new one. Another mistake is to buy in a hurry. The chances of going wrong are great. There are many options for such a short time… Sometimes the clothes are bought by seller’s pressure…
When you go out in a hurry, the criteria for choosing a place ends up being the distance. It isn’t everyday that closer shops will attend your taste. This clothes end up in a sort of limbo in the closet. So, take it easy with the compulsion.

So go get yourself a unique style....
Catch ya later..

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  1. Nice piece. Will go get myself a unique style

  2. Replies
    1. Hey where have you been? TLB missed you.

  3. As the saying goes,looking good is good business and you should dress the way you want to be addressed. I like dressing to suit the occasion. That way,you maintain that dignity that took you years to builld. I like buying clothes to reflect my status,and if I no get money,I get place to borrow,lol

    1. @paul abeg show me the borrowing venue lolz.

  4. I am so happy, I can't wait to change my style

  5. yeah right...Fashion is is individual, if you know what I mean.

    Nice post Glo!

    Please click on my name for Fashion/Fitness/Beauty tips

    1. Aunty Pat the whatever style means

      I go with what suits me....All I know is when I have money, I know how to spend it well on style!!!


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