Saturday, 27 June 2015

The Sin I Committed.

Hello world,

Good morning and how's the weekend going already?. Hope someone is not having a hangover? I have this funny experience i want to share with us will love to know your opinions please.

I have this facebook friend (knew her from church though) but not close at all I mean i don't even have her digits. Now sometime in December i saw a post that she was getting married and I commented and congratulated her.

My peeps you won't believe that after some time she sent me one lengthy mail that she is disappointed that I didn't attend her wedding bla bla. I was like we are not friends as in friends. Notwithstanding, I replied and ask for her forgiveness that we have many things ahead of us to celebrate (this was around January).
During my wedding, I invited many people to my wedding that eventually didn't come but heaven knows i don't hold anything against anyone for not being physically present. The most important is that the wedding was successful where will i see the time to be sending people mails that they didn't attend my wedding? Well, that's by the way.

Back to my facebook friend we haven't talked since the mail incident (as in no hellos via fb). Few days ago she put up a very beautiful post celebrating her hubby's birthday. I saw the post and liked the post. My dear blog fam that was my offence o. Below was the message she sent me immediately saw my like.. (don't know how to screen grab so I copied).

My dear, u don't like bday post, u wish the person well
Jun 16 at 9:52am · Sent from Messenger
Gloria Imonegame Okaiman
This shouldn't come as a message it should be in the
comments section so that others can learn.
Never knew liking a good post is not proper. Thanks for the
Jun 16 at 9:56am
U like a post not birthday, all the person want is gud wishes
Like l ve been seeing pole liking death posting, what is there
to like?
Jun 16 at 9:59am · Sent from Mobile"""

Above was the mail and how i responded.
Do you guys think liking a birthday post it's inappropriate? Or she is just out to get on my nerves?

(even Toke go fear my pouting lol)
This is me wishing all my Muslim friends divine strength to continue the Ramadan. Please remember to pray for Nigeria..

Let's chat in the comment section..


  1. To me tho i don't see anything wrong in liking a birthday post...i think she's been meaning you from the onset just looking for opportunity to vent and you giving her that. just free the babe

  2. There is no big deal in liking a birthday post .

  3. There is no big deal in liking a birthday post .

  4. No biggy naw....people sha

    The one that amazes me is people liking a death post....i don't understand what they like there

  5. You don enter one chance na,lol

  6. No matter what, I can't pretend to please anybody...trying to pls them sometimes could even lead to a more frustrating reaction from them. As to Facebook Like, u have right to like whatsoever useful info that comes to ur notice, so you've done no wrong. Just that you hardly satisfy someone who is having problems with you without any reason. My advise is this, the best way to destroy ur enemy is to make them friends. so keep doing good to her.

  7. Some people just like to make issue out nothing, just unlike the post and let her be.

  8. I forgot, you are already taken. *bites lips*

  9. That your friend is a little bit daft sorry to say, she is acting so childish and at an inconsequential issue at that. You get time reply her. Me I go delete you sharply. I don't have time to dig my head into the mud with glorified two legged animals called humans.

  10. This person is a very problematic person oh. You're patient sha, I would have blasted her. Nothing wrong in liking a birthday post without sending wishes. Abeg let her carry her problem elsewhere jare

  11. Probably she is a frustrated being. I do not see any reason why she is acting irrational,or did you snatch her bf ?ignore her joor. You don't need to give her any explanation

  12. Funny but that's human being generally.
    The way we perceive things is so different.

  13. She's still acting bitchy because you didn't attend her wedding. I have zero tolerance for rubbish on fb though.

  14. This sounds like a good person to "unfriend!" At least, that's what I'd do. Hugs to you--this FB person sounds toxic. T.

  15. Glo, what you need to know is that no matter what you do, there are people who are just out to criticize your effort. Just like the picture you used for this post says, don't change so people will like you; be yourself and the right people will love the real you. Well done sweetheart


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