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Hello Dearies. Happy midweek!!!!oops in two days time it's weekend again wow how days flies..
So yesterday one of the post was all about ladies this, ladies that, today it's the story of a typical irresponsible man. Shuooo wetin women do sef?
Please take few minutes to read and tell me if you haven't heard of such or you know somebody that knows somebody that is going through it.. Lol

Read on.....

You enter into the restaurant and meet him busy enjoying himself. He eats a plate of fresh fish worth #500,drinks two bottles of beer,drinks a bottle of Eva water,pays for the drinks taken by his friends,foots the bill for his female companion. Meanwhile,the school fees for his children's education have not been paid.

His wife is trying to make up her mind on whether to swallow her pride and go beg Mama Nkechi for a cube of Magi,a spoon of salt from Mama Ngozi and a drop of oil from Mama Gozie. The kids are tired of waiting for their food & they embark on hunger-induced sleep. They are awakened by the high voices of their parents in a shouting match. The man calls the woman a witch and the woman responds by calling him an 'irresponsible man'.The man gets angry and slaps the woman;to prove a point. They fight. The kids look on: horrified,petrified,helpless and hysterical. They shriek. In the course of the 'fight',they upset the pot of soup the woman prepared to lure the kids back to sleep. The man pummels her. The woman yells in pain. The kids wail with her. The man retires to bed,satisfied he had dealt with her,that he had taught her a lesson not to mess with him. The woman soaks gari for them to at least have something to carry them over to the next day,lest they die of hunger. The children sleep. The woman retires to a corner and reflects on her life. Just how did her 'marriage' to 'this man' get to this pathetic level? She met him...or rather they met in a party. They took one look at each other and liked what they saw. The man was  handsome, dressed smartly and looked responsible. She was beautiful,appealing and (wait for that) an 'easy meat'. They danced,made a date and parted. He started checking up on her. He started visiting her;buying her gifts and wooing her by promising her heaven on earth. She caved in and succumbed to his advances. She visited him one bright afternoon. One thing led to another,and they made love. It was passionate. She became a regular visitor and barriers were broken. The first time was a little tough but he now had free access. He only had to make the move and she would be on her back,legs apart and with a beckoning down-below. Then months later,she jolted his heart with the revelation that she did not see her period for the past month. The relationship turned sour. Love-making is always sweet without the complication of pregnancy. He tried talking her into trying an abortion. She didn't budge. She preferred to have the baby. He tried washing his hands off her. She moved in with him. From the moment he became a prospective father,he became a bitter man.No matter how well she did anything,he always found fault and an excuse to blame/beat her.From the usual bubbling girl,she became a bitter woman.
Then the baby came and her problems became compounded.Feeding her was a little bearable,but for him to feed two hungry mouths...He was not even sure the baby was his! Not with her wailing in the middle of the night. Didn't his mother tell him the other day that he never whom did this 'one' resemble? Definitely not him! Days passed into weeks,weeks into months...then she became pregnant again. Not her fault. He would come in and force her to open her legs for him. The cries of the helpless baby did not matter. Once his lust was exhausted,he would roll over and drift off to sleep,leaving her to cry her eyes out and pity herself. The second baby did not help much to cement their taut relationship.It was her fault anyway.
Didn't she have enough sense to know when not to meet a man? And here she was saddling him with an 'unwanted' child.Well,God dey.The God that giveth a baby must provide for the upkeep. And when the baby finally came,it was a he. He went off the rail and started hitting the bottles. He named her a 'termagant' and did everything possible to stay away from home,from her,from the children and the noises at home.
He met another woman there in the beer parlour. A prostitute. She turned his heart completely away from his family. Whatever money he made from his job as a driver to a rich man,he gave to her. She's unfeeling,using him for the sole aim of achieving her financial obligations. If a woman decides to fool herself with a man,that's her business. He's satisfied spending some five minutes with her in sexual ecstasy.
But back home,it's always the same story of being cash-strapped and not buoyant enough to meet the family expenses...His wife resorts to doing some menial jobs and petty trading to take care of her needs and those of her children. And when in the mood,he eats the food she cooked;not caring how she got the money to make it available. Out in the open,he boasts to his friends that he's a man,a real man,a father.
A father indeed....


  1. Choi! Na wao! Such a heart-rending story! We have many of them in the society. Some women are in an abusive relationship without the courage to walk out because they don't want their children to suffer the stigma of being products of a broken home. But any man that hits a woman is a coward!

  2. Sweetie, I dislike sad stories. It would be nice if you add some positive words beneath the story. . . like an advice, a lesson or something. But choi, that man needs Jesus. lol

    1. Thanks @amaka for your observation (that's why you are TLB's prof *winks *) but we both know that not all stories have a happy ending. This is what most women go through just because they don't want to be apart from their children..

  3. Lol what an irresponsible man indeed. So many men like this out there

  4. Of course, so many of his kind abound in our society. What a sad story and lesson to be learnt by those who are living their lives like this irresponsible man

  5. It's not actually a story rather a pattern for some men, yeah they do behave in that manner.

  6. Bola was here, you wan blind me. Your font is small and no space.
    Unto the next one

    1. Lolz OK noted. Thanks for the observation.

  7. Sincerely at times one thinks things like this don't exist but they do. How can a man be this irresponsible? Why have a family you cannot cater for???

    I just don't like the sound of ish like this.

  8. Irresponsible indeed! Can't deal jhoor


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