Wednesday, 10 June 2015

The Faithfulness Of God...

Hello lovelies, happy midweek i do hope you are having a fruitful week? Hellooooooo fellow bloggers how market? Lol.
I have been dealing with the loss of a very dear one (will do a post on that soon) so haven't been consistent on the blogsphere. To some of my fav blogs that i haven't visited for a while please bear with me will surely make it up..

See What God Has Done.....

The pics above, are twins born to the families of Dr & Mrs Benson Olu Dada who are both staff of Delta State University. They were said to have been married for 11 years without a child.
According to the story, the parents were expecting a baby boy. But on the day of delivery after the delivery of the baby boy, another followed which happened to be a girl.. What a great compensation. Indeed there's nothing God cannot do.

Now, another thing that escalated my interest was that instead of the normal period of pregnancy which is nine, these kids were born after four years of pregnancy (I. e after 48 months). Hmmmmm.
Got the pictures of the parents but it isn't too clear so couldn't post them..

Below is part of the message sent to me..

"The couple are Dr n Mrs Benson Olu Dada, they are both staff of Delta State University, they were expeecting a baby boy but after delivering the boy, the girl followed, the Doctor was suprised even Scan did not see the second baby, put the story in ur blog, I'm giving U the 4tory 1st hand".

My Opinion..
When i got this story yesterday, i pondered over so many things. I thought of the names this couple would have been called, I thought of the mockery, the secret tears, the trouble from in-laws etc.
Now, my point is whatever God cannot give you, no other person can.
No matter how long it takes God is God and will always be too faithful to fail. Do not be discouraged there's an appointed time for everyone..



  1. Wow isn't God awesome. Congratulations to them. I'm so happy lol I feel like I know them personally

    Molola's Blog

  2. Awww, Awesome God. Congrats to them.

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  3. Yay! Thank You Jesus. God so on point!

  4. He said never shall you see the barren amongst my people..
    Praise father

  5. This simply shows that God never sleeps..he is still a wonder working God

  6. Indeed, our God is a miracle worker. I pity those who believe in their hearts that there is no God. @ Glo, do take good care of yourself.

  7. Yeah God is indeed faithful. I pray God gives you strength to bear your loss. It is well

  8. All I Have To Say is: “This Is God At Work!”

  9. wow! God i need these bundle of joy in my home soon.
    congrats to them...God double their joy
    everything na double double

  10. God is very gracious and indeed merciful.


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