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Should A Man Marry A Woman Older Than Him?

Good morning world. Happy midweek and welcome to the second half of the year. How time flies. Hmmm first half already gone. I pray this second half brings us better results and may lines fall unto us in pleasant places. Ammennn.
So unto my today's gist.

For some people to get along with themselves, age is a limiting factor, but to others, it is not a barrier. In fact some people put into consideration a particular age range when thinking of who to marry.

Sometime ago(like more than a year ago) I put up a post on Trendy Living group on facebook asking whether it is right for a man to marry a woman older than him. Going through the group post yesterday I found it and thought to also share it on Trendy Living Blog but this time with some of the responses i got.
That post generated alot of responses and below are some of them.

Age is irrelevant to a successful marriage.

A Woman marring someone older than her is not a big deal and shouldn't be. Some have done it and are enjoying their homes today.
In this kind of situation only three things matters for the marriage to succeed. Compatability, mutual understanding, and love. At the end you would discover that age is an irrelevant factor.

It's a sign of the woman's desperation.

There is definitely nothing bad in it, but it looks kind of odd. For the man, he may not be very free to exercise control over the house. There would be situation where he may feel intimidated and limited.

She would age faster.

I don't think a man should marry a woman that is older than him because women age faster than men. It is always better for a man to be older.
For example when they attain old age, and the woman is older, she might be like the husband's elder sister and the man may not be proud of that.
Again if the woman is older, she may be treating the man with contempt, and attempt to rule the husband in the name of being older.
These are troubles that can be avoided if the man is older.

It is  about character not age.

Yes, a man could, if there's love. 
God didn't specify who should be older. So, as long as there is love, understanding, satisfaction, and it's the will of God, they should go ahead.
Age should not be a barrier between a man and a woman. It is easy to think about the tendency that the woman may disrespect the man, but these days even a woman that is younger than the man still disrespect him. So it is not about age, it is about being a good woman in terms of character and personal attitude.
A good woman remains good whether she is older or younger than her husband.

Our culture doesn't respect it.

There is no big deal in it. Most religion doesn't oppose it, in fact, it's very much allowed. But these days those who do it are very secretive about it because of the fear of being stigmatized.
Ideally it's not a bad idea but our culture doesn't respect it. That's why many shy away from it and those who even do it do it in secret.
It is sad that people who are so compatible and in love, are sometimes forced to end such relationships because the woman is older just because of the society where we found ourselves.

So what is your take on the views above, is it yay or nay?
Which opinion would you go with?


  1. Yayyyyyy.

    I don't see anything wrong with a woman marrying a man older than her sofar it will be between them. Infact it's possible people do not know even with her looks and most times when this happens, they must really be in love.The part of the society we are from only frown at it but biko, it doesn't matter. It's even poss the man looks older than the lady....

    Though from my own view the age difference should be more than 1-3years

    So Yayyyyyyyy all the way!!!

    Goodmrning Fam

    1. You you're just chopping all the ftc this morning ehn. You need cane

    2. Ahahahahahaha

      Mololaaaa Ntorrrrr

      Na your own I no dey see chop!!!!! Ama sign up soon even before you post, I go don drop comment kikikikikikiki

    3. Chinco bee and Mo thankssss you both are amazing..

  2. Gloria hmmm.... It's all about respect and being in control ooo

  3. I see no big deal in a man marrying someone older but me I can't marry a younger man. I'll be feeling like agbaya

    Molola's Blog

  4. Age is only a number. I can't sha. Lol.

  5. Age is just a number...and its all about the lady taking care of herself to look younger

  6. For me age is not a number... So I can't

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Age is just a number as we've been made to believe.Nevertheless,it is not common in our African society and family and friends will think it strange. But where the couple love each other,nothing else matters.

  9. Nay for me because I cannot.

  10. I can't marry a man that I am older than even though age is just a number. Some people see no big deal in it though

  11. its no big deal, though i can't do it

  12. my mother in law is old4er than her husband but you will never know she even look young compare to the husband age.
    i think its a matter of the mind and personality
    afterall my hubbyis way older than me...dont ask me how old*sideeye*

  13. I see nothing wrong if the woman is older than the man, so far as the man doesn't behave like a baby, because he's young. Some people are young age-wise, but very mature in their behaviour and thoughts. Age is just a digit.


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