Sunday, 14 June 2015



1.Thou shall not date any guy out of sympathy. It is not worth it. It has never worth the pain. Ladies beware!

2. Thou shall not take revenge in your relationship a.k.a let me show my boyfriend I can flirt too. My sisters, that is inflicting more injuries on yourself!

3. Thou shall not depend on any man for your daily needs. It has brought more pains than joy to most ladies. Please!

4. Thou shall never fight over a man. Such men usually don’t have regard for ladies. Sisters! ask around if you are in doubt!

5. Thou shall not remain in a violent relationship. You are supposed to be his sweetheart not a punching bag. If he’s looking for whom to punch, refer him to Mike Tyson!

6. Thou shall not give s*x to him if he wants s*x so desperately, he should put a ring on your finger if he is dat horny. Funny enough, men can wait if they see you're worth it. True!

7. Be bold when men toast you. Stop cutting flowers or drawing circles with your leg. Enjoy the ‘toasting’. Don’t forget to pay attention to the pick up lines. Some pick up lines can crack your ribs!

8. If you are not sure of your man especially if the relationship is still new, never follow him to his house..Take sometime to know him before making dat moves... Odikwa very risky!

9. As soon as you can, let your man show his face to your people. Your sister or brother or mother. This is very key!

10. Material possessions are good but never let them be the number one factor in choosing a man!

11. Do not forget the golden rule. Always sit like a woman. Some men act like babies when a woman is not properly seated. You know what I mean!

12. Never think you can trap a man with good sex. Fou fou fou… foul! It is an aberration!

13. Be good to men but be firm. Yes firm but don’t scare them away!

14. Men are not in short supply. Don’t let them deceive you. Don’t believe anything in the contrary. Don’t be stampeded into a relationship!

15. If your purpose for financing a man is to keep him, that could be a big mistake. Finance him for the right reasons!

16. Men are not the same. Don’t listen to dos girlish slang that all “men are the same” It’s a fat lie! How many men have you met out of about six billion people on earth? 

17. Adventures can be sweet. However, never embark on a long trip to meet a man without informing someone. Never!

18. Guys have a way of saying “don’t let anybody know about us yet.” If the relationship is up to three months and counting, somebody should know about it jor! Better things, they no dey hide am.

19. They say good girls love bad boys. Are u a good girl looking for a bad boy to love? OYO for you! Let bad girls love bad boys and good girls love good boys. Nobody should use your head to catch a bullet!

20. Enjoy being single. It does not last forever. 

Oyah add your own

Happy Sunday...


  1. Hmmn... thou shall not wash a man's clothes when you have never washed your mother's. And don't start cooking heaven and earth just to make him put a ring on it when you know you really never like the kitchen!

  2. No wahala u do well I will soon write and publish my for men

  3. My Gloria *kisses*
    #Nice Post!
    #Happy Sunday!
    #Abeg help me tell them!
    #Even though “I TOTALLY DISAGREE” with some part of this post!

    *. Gloria is like you are mistaken something; “Puting Ring On A Lady Finger Doen’t Mean He Will Marry Her”

    => “A Man Can Put Ring Into A Lady Finger and After Using Her and Getting What He Wants, He Will Joyfully Dump Her, Without Marrying Her”

    => Let Me Explain It Well:
    “When a Lady is Forming/Saying No To Many Things Like Sex, etc, until marriage, A “Smart Man” Can Just Put In A Ring On Her Finger, then the Lady will Open Up To Him, Give Him All He Want, She Will Be Saying; “He Have Already Put A Ring In My Finger, Let Me Give Him (my husband) All He Wants And Ask! He Will Marry Me” and The Man Will Get All The Things He Want From Her, and All The Things She Have Been Saying No To Till Marriage, and After Getting All He Wants, The Man Will Disappear Like He Have Never Been There Before, And The Lady Will Still Be Foolishly Waiting For Him To Return, Saying; “I Will Wait Patiently For Him, He Will Marry Me, Since He Have Already Put A Ring In My Finger”, The Lady Will Say “NO” To Any Other Upcoming Proporsal From Other Men, .... While The Man Have Already Forgotten About Her, And Even Forgotten That He Even “Engaged A Lady Somewhere” .... Then At The End Of The Day, He Will Go Ahead To Marry An Untouched Virgin With Good Character and Morals...”
    * I Have Write To Much,
    * I Drop My Pen Here!

    Once again I Say:
    “Engagement Ring Is Not Marriage”

  4. Don't do all them wifey duties when you've not become his mrs...biko that guy should park one place

  5. Na him be say men don suffer be that o,lol! No girls to deceive. Girls,shine your eyes o!

  6. Funny, but defo true pointers. Thanks for the tips, Gloria.
    Great post! :)

  7. Chincobee please come here ooo

    So true, I agree with your points

    1. Ahahahahahahaha am already here my friend

      I can't agree less

      Never manage a guy or try to change it.... You go Tey for there...

      Don't even waste your time with a guy that doesn't know his left from right... You know them when you see them....Awon omo mummy!!!!!

      Am a living witness!!!!!

  8. are not in short supply but real husbands to be are not much in circulation...ladies are aware of this fact an d that's what brought about the desperation of trying to get hook at all cost to the very man they trust and believed in. All the rules are relevant for healthy relationship to exist but believe me you dare no adhere to all.

  9. Wow. I enjoyed reading this a lot and you're so right. I'm guilty of no 2 lol *covers face*. Go girl!

  10. All points listed here are so correct. Thanks for sharing dear, wish the single ladies will learn


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